Spray booths aren’t just designed to contain hazardous chemicals in a workspace, they also keep dirt and moisture away from the sensitive spray or paint processes inside. Operators have plenty of options for features and peripheral equipment to keep their booth cleaner, but there are a few must-haves in typical work environments. There are also a few maintenance tips and best practices that can significantly extend the lifespan of a spray booth and reduce the risk of contamination.

1. Practice Good Booth Hygiene

Every employee that uses a spray booth should be trained to maintain hygienic practices throughout all of their activities. Only equipment related to spray and finish applications should enter the booth. Likewise, only a limited number of people should enter the booth at all. More foot traffic means higher chances of contamination.

2. Use Interior Coating or Film

Rather than clean the actual interior surface of a booth, it’s much easier to use a disposable coating. Some coating chemicals can be applied to the interior as a spray or liquid that dries into a thin film layer. Operators can also install physical linings along the walls or floors of their booth to catch overspray and debris. Chemical linings typically dissolve when exposed to water or easily peel away from the interior when it’s time for a replacement.

3. Establish a Cleaning Schedule

Every booth needs to be cleaned regularly, even if it’s only used a few times a week. The exact maintenance requirements depend on the type of booth, the nature of the spray operation and frequency of use. Spray Systems helps our customers determine an effective cleaning and maintenance schedule according to their specific equipment and practices. Routine cleaning does take time and manpower, but a dirty booth inevitably leads to lower quality results.

4. Clean Clothing and Equipment

Practicing great booth hygiene and routine maintenance won’t stop dirt from falling off a worker’s pants or shoes. Employees who use the spray booth should have designated clothing and equipment that is always stored in a clean area. All protective garments, nozzles and other equipment that enters the booth should also be cleaned on a regular basis. Some operators also install specialized mats that help workers keep their feet clean when entering the booth.

5. Maintain the Filtration System

Every spray booth has a filtration system that collects hazardous compounds and recycles airflow to maintain a safe environment inside. Operators need to understand the properties and limitations of their specific type of filtration system so they can maintain it correctly. Cutting corners on filters or trying to push them past their lifespan can put employees in danger and contribute to surface contamination during spray or finish applications.

Transitioning to a New Booth

No amount of maintenance and good workplace practices will make a booth last forever. As manufacturers of premier spray and finish equipment, Spray Systems leverages years of industry experience and technical expertise when serving our customers. We also help operators understand their equipment’s cleaning and maintenance needs so they can preserve their investment and maximize results as long as possible.Contact us today to get started and receive your FREE quote.



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