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Drying Rooms

Environmentally Safe
Each drying room for automotive spray booths is designed to meet or exceed safety and code requirements:NFPA-33 and IFC. Your booth will efficiently remove the paint overspray while maintaining uniform air flow throughout the work area.

Highest Quality Finish
Our customers frequently compliment our booths for creating an environment that allows painters to apply the highest quality finishes to their products. Your booth will effectively remove airborne paint particles, through our custom engineering process, that ensures uniform air flow.

Flexible and Adaptable
You’ll discover that we custom design our drying rooms and automotive paint booth systems to whatever your finishing applications might be. From open face booths for batch production, to high production, conveyorized spray booth models. Adapting front filter doors, air make-up systems and special spray booth controls are just a few ways that we can engineer a custom booth for you.

Appearance and Durability
Your booth will have a quality appearance with our durable premium grade G-90 galvanized steel–a superior steel material that allows our booths to resist corrosion and last longer.

Lower Operating Costs
We use higher efficiency– components and designs. We offer energy efficient components from VFD drives, recirculating exhaust systems, high efficiency motors, (T-8) lighting, and booth idle packages, which can result in lower operating costs.

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