Our Team Approach

During our 40 years of industry service, we’ve discovered a simple, but not easily-reproduced method for successfully manufacturing the finest products: top-to-bottom teamwork.

The finest facilities and best equipment mean nothing for production capabilities if manufacturers lose sight of the value of human ingenuity and innovation. The value we provide for our customers is primarily derived from our ability to solve problems through creative engineering and out-of-the-box design, but we’re firm believers that the inspiration which pilots this creativity comes from close-knit collaboration, both within our organization and with our customers.

That’s why we’ve developed a team-based approach to manufacturing through the cultivation of a work environment defined by motivation, positivity and a desire to challenge one another to evolve in meaningful ways. From engineer to president, every member of Spray Systems is willing and able to assist one another to achieve our common goal: equipping our customers to succeed like never before.

Manufacturing Teams

Smart, capable, and efficient, our manufacturing teams are the backbone of our organization. They work closely with one another to develop new ways to provide added value for our customers, while also communicating closely with our customer service teams to ensure all needs are met and no concern goes unaddressed. Through this collaboration, our manufacturing teams function as a single unit with one goal: providing the perfect solution through effective design.

Design And Engineering

Design and Engineering

From simple industrial spray benches to 5,000-square-foot conveyorized paint booths, our time- tested engineers have designed it all. This team ensures that all of the customer’s production goals are completely met through solutions that are as elegant as they are efficient. With a reputation defined by machine-like scrutiny and out-of-the-box problem solving, our designers and engineers work closely with both our project management and production teams to analyze, evaluate and implement all aspects of airflow design and assembly.

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Production and Quality Control

Our production and quality control team is comprised of experienced tradespeople with a variety of production disciplines. This variety of experience enables this team to manufacture any design created by our engineers to the highest standard of production. Perfectionists to their core, our production and quality control team utilizes only the latest technology, finest metals and most comprehensive training to support all functions of fabrication and quality assurance.

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Project Management

Our multi-disciplined project managers establish themselves as stakeholders in the success of our customers. In no uncertain terms, they are only successful when our customers are successful. From overseeing the purchasing of high-quality materials to responsibly managing project timelines, our project managers work closely alongside every team to ensure the needs of our customers are completely met through a harmonious production process that leaves no stone unturned.

Customer Service Teams

If our manufacturing teams are the backbone of our organization, our customer service teams are the heart. With compassion and foresight, they leverage their industry experience to guide our customers through the entire Spray Systems journey. At times they may function as mentors by educating customers on proper code compliance or booth efficiencies, while other times they may function as advocates by addressing concerns with practical solutions and reliable service. Regardless of who they are or what function they serve, one thing is certain: they’ll stop at nothing to ensure our customers are satisfied.

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Sales Engineering

With over 100 years of combined industry experience, each sales engineer on our team is intimately familiar with the many facets of spray booth design.

Our sales engineers leverage their knowledge of the industry for the benefit of our customers, acting as both mentors and advocates to help customers define their goals while collaboratively developing a solution designed to meet them. To this end, they work closely with all other team members and approach every project as a new opportunity to achieve engineering excellence. Our sales engineers also ensure that our customers are properly educated, prepared and equipped to better understand pertinent regulatory requirements.

Tech Support

Technical Support and Customer Service

Where our sales engineers function as mentors that guide you towards operational excellence, our technical support and customer service team functions as reliable friends that have your best interest at heart.

From installation to permit inspection, our support team travels with you throughout your entire Spray Systems journey to ensure that you are never subjected to unnecessary surprises. Always accessible and responsive, this team collaborates with all other teams to guarantee that any and all issues are explained, addressed and resolved in a timely manner.

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Installation and Start-up

Our installation and start-up team is made up of industry experts who have extensive experience installing the most sophisticated booths imaginable.

Supported by both our engineering and production teams, our installers have the advantage of utilizing in-house fabrication services to further guarantee all parts are of the highest-quality and designed to exact project requirements. By leveraging their industry experience to assist with booth installation, our team ensures that all Spray Systems products meet both production and code compliance standards.

Our Customers

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Conner Steel
Ethan Allen
General Electric
Goulds Pumps
Marge Carson
Raytheon Technologies
Robinson Helicopters
Southern California Edison
Top Flite
United Airlines
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