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Exhaust / Supply Chambers

Lower Cost Booth Solution
Our exhaust/supply chambers are ideal for converting an area within your factory for spray painting. They can also be used to create a preparation area for sanding or cleaning parts prior to finishing. We’ve designed a variety of exhaust/supply chambers and paint booth exhaust fans that meet your finish requirements while minimizing your floor space. Our exhaust chambers incorporate all of the same design features that are included in our large industrial manufacturing paint booths.

Environmentally Safe
Each exhaust chamber meets safety and code requirements–NFPA-33, IFC to meet all regulations. Your exhaust chamber will be designed to efficiently remove the overspray from the painting operation while maintaining uniform air flow throughout the work area.

Flexible and Adaptable
You’ll discover that our exhaust and supply chambers and paint booth exhaust fans can be designed for either exhaust/supply or supply. Exhaust/supply chambers come with exhaust fan and motor as a package where supply chambers are specifically designed to accommodate an air supply unit – your Spray Systems advisor can help you design the right exhaust and supply chamber for you.

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