Paint Prep Station

For high-volume manufacturers, a paint prep station is the perfect way to increase productivity while improving the quality of your finishing process. By isolating processes like masking, stripping and sanding to a separate prep station, you avoid further contaminating finishing areas while increasing the efficiency of your preparation process. Additionally, paint prep stations typically require far less airflow than a paint booth which means less energy costs and less overhead.

Choosing the Right Paint Prep Station

Semi-Downdraft vs. Full-Downdraft Prep Stations


“Downdraft” refers to air travel and its direction within the paint prep station. By design, a downward airflow will be maintained starting at the supply filters in the ceiling of the prep station down to the floor level. Our semi-downdraft paint prep station draws exhaust air into the filters at the base of the cabinet and provides the added advantage of not requiring a pit while still maintaining downdraft airflow.


Similar to our semi-downdraft model, our full-downdraft paint prep station uses uniform downward airflow to pull contaminants into a floor-level grating. While a full-downdraft paint prep station requires a below-grade pit installation, it is more effective at containing all dust particles than a semi-downdraft model.