Spray Booth Safety Features and Components

Our spray booths are designed to contain hazardous substances to provide a safe environment during any application. Having advanced and well-maintained equipment is essential for spray finishing processes and employee safety. With spray booth components such as access doors, exhaust fans, exhaust filters, manometers, and other spray booth safety features, you can maximize filter paint capacity and protect against corrosion while meeting industry requirements and increasing efficiency.

Booth Component Panel

18 Gauge Panels

4-Sided Panel Construction – panels with flanges on all four sides mean fewer parts to assemble and eliminates tie-in angles required with two-sided panels. Computer generated labels – labels on every component simplify sorting and speed installation. Itemized assembly drawings – item numbers on labels correspond to components on 3D exploded view drawings. Save time and money – ease of assembly reduces time and cost of installation.

Booth Component Door

Access Door

Sturdy door construction structural tube frame, continuously welded for strength, corrosion protection, leak-proof wiper seal at base, and heavy-duty safety latches. Side access door meets NFPA Lifeline 101 requirements. All access doors include an 10” x 36” observation window.

Booth Component Base

Base Angle

With Spray System’s unique floating base angle design, you’ll no longer worry about a less than perfect floor again.

Booth Component Controls

Control Panel

NEMA 12 Enclosure (UL approved), Main Disconnect Switch, Magnehelic Pressure Gauge, Pulse Sequence System, Start/Stop Push Button Station, Pilot Operating Lights, Booth Light Switch, Control Transformer

Booth Component Fan

Exhaust Fan

Quiet – typically operates at noise levels below OSHA limits. Some competitor’s fans operate as high as 105 dba. We have engineered fans as quiet as 64 dba for custom booths. Efficient – computer selected for optimum performance at lowest possible fan blade speed Dependable – high efficiency, tri-voltage, TEFC motor. Quality – designed and manufactured in-house; for easy installation, motor and drives ship pre-assembled.

Booth Component Exhaust

Exhaust Filter

The exhaust filters are designed to hold more paint. They are made from a continuous filament glass fiber with an open weave pattern. This design prevents face-loading as they become saturated. This design forces paint-laden air to change direction many times as it passes through the filter preventing fogging.

Booth Component Meter


Manometer – Exhaust filter gauge to maximize filter life.

Booth Component Stiffener


Formed support steel structure made from rigid galvanized, heavy gauge steel CNC punched to precisely align holes with corresponding panels. Ease of assembly – designed to easily bolt between panel flanges. Monolithic – provides smooth booth interior for a cleaner booth environment and meets code requirements.

Booth Component Supply

Supply Filters

Intake filters are designed for air make-up of paint spray booths. The multiple synthetic layers combine a pre-filter consisting of a high performance cover mat with a final filter of progressively structured media, thermally bonded and treated with a special adhesive tackifier. The combination provides 95% efficiency on 10 micron particles and larger.

Booth Component Lighting

Uniform Lighting

Uniform lighting – with 4-tube fixtures to illuminate evenly. Cost efficient – T-8 type fixtures reduce power cost by 20%. Easy accessibility – hinged panel for tube replacement. Easy mounting – light panels with framed openings are designed for bolting fixtures easily into place. Industrial Rated – with dust tight seals. Meets booth code requirements – UL/ETL approved and labeled.

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