Powder Coating Booths

Because the application of powder coating differs from liquid coatings, it’s imperative that all equipment requirements facilitate your powder coating application method. Designed with durable premium-grade G-90 galvanized steel, our powder coating booths are built to last while also facilitating a wide range of powder applications and finishing processes. We also offer unique features for your booths to be designed according to your needs. Find out how you can choose the right powder spray booths below.

Choosing the Right Powder Coating Booth

Non-Recovery vs. Recovery Powder Coating Booths


A non-recovery powder coating booth is outfitted with standard exhaust filters that are designed to collect powder overspray as you work. However, as their name implies, overspray powder cannot be reused once it’s collected by the filters. Additionally, these filters must be periodically replaced as they collect more powder to maintain an even airflow.

Non-recovery powder coating booths are typically chosen for their lower initial cost, and are a great choice for manufacturers who routinely change colors and powder types. However, for manufacturers that have a high-volume of work, not being able to recover powder coating can result in increased operational costs.


Compared to a non-recovery powder coating booth, a recovery powder coating booth is engineered to easily collect powder overspray while in use. Our recovery booths are designed with a cartridge-style filtration system that efficiently captures powder coating overspray, allowing clean air to recirculate back into your plant. This has the added benefit of eliminating the need for an exhaust stack, which often requires expensive air replacement systems.

While recovery booths present a higher initial cost compared to non-recovery models, they are an ideal powder coating booth for heavy-production powder usage. The added savings on powder coating recollection far outweigh the initial cost difference, often making recovery powder coating booths the cheaper long-term option.

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