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Industrial Air Make Up Units

Why do I need an Air Make-Up Unit?
As booths are generally enclosed spaces, they may experience either higher or lower air pressure compared to the surrounding environment. If air is expelled from the booth at a rate faster than it is replenished, it can impede operational efficiency and elevate the potential for contaminants to enter. To address this issue, booths can be outfitted with make-up units designed to sustain a positive interior pressure, thereby promoting a cleaner and safer environment within the unit.

Does my spray booth require an Air Make-up Unit?
Many booths are equipped with air makeup units (AMUs) that help maintain an even balance of air pressure inside and outside the booth. Industrial dry filter booths require substantial exhaust volumes. Usually, this exhaust air is provided by a direct gas-fired AMU (Air Makeup Unit) system, which replaces the air in the booth being exhausted. The size of the booth directly influences the required air supply; larger booths demand more air. It is crucial to exercise caution, as miscalculations in the designed air volume for the booth can result in either an excess or a deficiency. Such errors may lead to operational inefficiencies and inadequate airflow within the booth.

Keep in mind that as the size of the booth increases, there is a greater demand for air supply. In the case of improper booth design, the calculated air volume may either exceed or fall short, resulting in operational inefficiencies and inadequate airflow within the booth. This issue is also a primary factor in meeting agency guidelines and obtaining approvals.


Should an AMU be necessary for your booth, where would the AMU be positioned?
For sizable equipment booths, a substantial AMU is essential to meet air flow requirements efficiently. Thoughtful planning is crucial in selecting the appropriate placement for these larger AMUs. Typically, these units are installed outside the building—either horizontally on the building’s roof or vertically alongside it. The dimensions and weight of these units should be carefully considered, aligning with the overall size of the booth; certain AMUs might surpass 20 feet in length or even more.


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