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  • Airspeed and automated booth balancing controls are best for advanced booths that require certain air pressure and quality levels for their finish applications.
  • LED lighting helps cut down on energy costs and improves visibility inside the booth to maintain a high finish quality.
  • Energy smart technology can help reduce operational costs but are not suitable for all high-production lines, as they may affect the booth’s output.
  • Air makeup units help eliminate negative air pressure in a spray booth that can interfere with the air flow and system functions.
  • Adding a mix room provides a safe space for storing, mixing and handling hazardous and volatile substances while reducing the risk of contamination from dirt and debris.
Spray booths can be a valuable and efficient investment even in their simplest form, with no frills or extra features added. The characteristics of an ideal booth solution depend entirely on the needs of the operator and the nature of the workplace. That’s why the best booth is one that is specifically designed and accessorized to fit the needs of the customer.
Operators have plenty of interesting options to consider when choosing accessories for their spray booth. LED lightning and other energy-efficient options are suitable for booths in almost any kind of environment, while some other optional features have more specific applications or potential drawbacks for some users.

1. Airspeed and Balancing Controls

Simple booths used for basic spray and finish applications may not require an integrated control interface, but these accessories are invaluable for any kind of advanced or complex operation. Airspeed and automated booth balancing controls offer an informative, interactive and responsive interface to monitor and set core booth functions. A comprehensive control interface helps maintain quality by establishing consistent conditions within the booth while making it easier to troubleshoot and address issues that arise.

2. LED Lighting

LED bulbs are a common sight in any kind of workplace, from offices and cubicles to sprawling warehouse environments. Consistent improvements in LED technology have made these lighting fixtures a must-include in most energy efficient strategies. As long as these bulbs can properly illuminate the interior of a booth, they are often an efficient and sound accessory for operators.

3. Energy Smart Technology

Energy smart technology can be a powerful asset within spray booths and throughout a production environment, provided they don’t interfere with normal operations. Successfully adding efficient design elements   requires intimate knowledge of the booth as well as the expected demand placed on it. Some modifications can impact quality or rate of output, so operators need to consider these implications and compare them to the potential savings offered by each efficient modification.

4. Air Makeup Systems

Failing to include an air makeup system is one of the most common costly booth design mistakes you can make. Depending on size and use, booths can draw a significant amount of air from an interior environment. Failing to add an appropriate air makeup system can lead to negative air pressure in the structure, interfering with air flow and system function throughout the building.

5. Mix Rooms

Most experienced booth operators are eventually faced with the decision to add a mix room to their workplace. These specialized rooms offer a safe space for storing, mixing and handling chemicals separately from the spray environment and general workplace. These rooms are designed to maximize employee safety and reduce the risk of hazardous exposure or contamination. While these rooms do consume some real estate within the workplace, they can lead to tangible improvements in safety and efficiency.
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