Engineering Beyond the Spray Booth

Designed to Endure

We understand that a spray booth is an important investment for manufacturers, as it directly impacts your finishing quality and rate of production. A poorly-designed spray booth can present a range of issues that negatively affects job performance, jeopardizes workplace safety and places unnecessary strain on a company’s bottom line. Put simply, a bad booth can turn an already delicate job into a needlessly difficult one.

We want to help you avoid these pitfalls, which is why we’re committed to engineering reliable spray booths that are designed to facilitate your production goals—not impede them. It’s our firm belief that a well-designed spray booth provides our customers with an environment where they can truly thrive as skilled professionals while adding long-term value to their production process.

Spray Booth Products by Industry

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Paint Booths

Whether you need a large aircraft spray booth or a small bench booth, Spray Systems products are engineered to help achieve the highest quality paint finishes, while balancing safety, reliability and cost effectiveness. We offer a comprehensive line of high-performance spray booths built to facilitate production processes for optimum performance.

Powder Booths

Designed with durable premium-grade G-90 galvanized steel, our powder booths are built to last while also facilitating a wide range of powder applications and finishing processes. We offer a range of recovery and non-recovery powder coating booths including cartridge-style powder booths, powder automatic booths and powder conveyorized booths.

Drying Enclosures

Spray Systems drying enclosures are designed to increase productivity and accelerate the drying time of water-borne and solvent-based coatings. Our drying enclosures are equipped with fan systems that use turbulent air to further decrease drying time, along with infrared and convection curing systems for optimal performance.

Exhaust Chambers

A fantastic lower cost spray booth option, our exhaust chambers are ideal for converting an area within your facility for spray painting. Additionally, they can also be used to create a preparation area for sanding or cleaning parts prior to finishing. Like all Spray Systems products, they are engineered using durable materials to withstand excessive wear and tear.

Mixing Rooms

All of our mix rooms are modularly designed via prefabricated sheet metal for maximum flexibility of application. Our standard mix rooms meet all applicable codes, and have a 3-inch high spill containment reservoir, a built-in workbench and a safe environment for mixing and storing paint.

Prep Stations

Designed with a whisper-quiet exhaust fan and high-efficiency motor, our prep stations help mitigate the contamination of paint via ambient dust and debris. We offer two prep station models, a semi-downdraft and full-downdraft ventilation design, to accommodate the unique needs of any production facility.

Build Your Booth

Get started on your own custom-designed, dependable, cost-effective solution. Our team of experts will work directly with you to ensure your spray booth is state-of-the-art.