Industrial Paint Mix Rooms

There are numerous benefits to incorporating an industrial paint mix room into your facility, including significant improvements in worker safety and performance. Additionally, these specialized rooms are often required by law, so including a paint mix room can be essential for conducting operations in various industries in compliance with legal codes. All of our mix rooms and custom paint mixing rooms are engineered to meet applicable regulatory codes and contain various features to ensure greater production performance.


Choosing the Right Paint Mix Room

Our Deluxe Design

Our deluxe paint mix room, the MRD Series, meets NFPA-33 code standards as well as IFC regulations for storage and ventilation requirements. They are designed with modular prefabricated sheet metal rooms for easy floor-level installation. 

Equipped with a 3-inch high spill containment vestibule, a built-in workbench, and a safe environment for mixing and storing paint. It also provides two ramps for convenient access into and out of the mix room, two motorized blower units (one to supply fresh air and the second to exhaust air from the room), as well as a supply plenum equipped with high-efficiency air filters to provide the cleanest possible environment for mixing and dispensing paint.

Why Include a Paint Mix Room?

The primary benefit of a paint mix room is to ensure a safe and clean environment for all workers on the premises. Confining dangerous paint and volatile compounds to a dedicated space reduce toxin exposure risks throughout the workplace. The advanced supply and filtration system also ensures that potentially-harmful fumes are vented in a safe and clean manner.

Aside from increasing workplace safety, paint mix rooms can also improve the quality of paint and finish compounds by reducing the risk of contamination. Creating a sanitary and isolated space for storage cuts down on the risk of dust, debris or other compounds from corrupting the paint or finish before it is applied. This is especially important in industries with delicate manufacturing requirements.

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