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  • The short-term cost of energy-efficient booth improvements are outweighed by long-term revenue benefits
  • Airflow speed and booth balancing controls are best for increasing performance and lowering operational expenses
  • Regular booth maintenance is necessary for equipment longevity and performance
  • Recirculating air designs are best for booths that require temperature and humidity control
  • Updating aging equipment protects your booth from widespread equipment damage
  • Fuel-saving functions cut down energy waste throughout the entire production process
Spray paint booths require large amounts of energy, and installing energy-efficient elements can drastically reduce your operational costs while improving your booth’s overall functionality.

Ways to Optimize

  • New LED lighting – Cuts down on energy waste while providing uniform and directional lighting.
  • Airflow speed control – Maintains optimum paint overspray capture for optimum finish quality to eliminate rework
  • Automatic booth balancing controls – Requires minimum attention from workers and less energy to keep the booth accurately balanced.
  • Automated fuel-saving functions – Conserves fuel throughout the production process to avoid overage.
  • Proper air filters – Minimizes the need for exhaust fan maintenance.
  • Air filter changes – Keeps your filters clean of debris and overspray to cut down operational costs and minimize hazards.
  • Regular maintenance – Mitigates risk of equipment damage and production interruptions; Recommended to get professionally serviced at least once a year
  • Booth Coats – Temporary, strippable shield that protects surfaces from debris and minimizes downtime when cleaning.
  • Optimizing for an air recirculation design – Majorly conserves energy by recycling the airflow, and can save up to 70 percent on operations.
  • Equipment upgrades – Upgrading aging equipment that is no longer reliable greatly improves the efficiency, capacity and overall lifespan of your spray booth.

Efficiency vs. Power: Finding the Balance

If you’re in the market for energy-efficient spray booths you need to find the proper balance between potential power and energy efficiency, It’s vital to make an accurate estimation of the demand that will be placed on the booth and the overall increase in efficiency associated with each element.
Some energy-efficient features can reduce the booth’s daily capacity, and if it is already a bottleneck in the production process, it is likely to run into problems. Therefore, modifications in high-demand production lines need to be strategic, so they do not compromise the booth’s workload or versatility. Buyers need to have a firm grasp of their own operational requirements and potential challenges that may arise before making purchase decisions.

More Than Just Cutting Costs

Operational costs are one of the biggest challenges that paint finishing businesses face across many industries, but making energy-efficient modifications to your spray booth environment can benefit your business beyond just saving you time and money. Many businesses seek energy economies for the following reasons:
Following all applicable spray booth regulations in order to avoid financial and legal ramifications of noncompliance
Qualify for incentive programs and tax deductions
Appeal to the growing population of eco-conscious consumers

Reliability you can Trust

The concept behind innovative spray booth technology can be challenging, but there are numerous ways to adapt and improve design specifications to provide more value. Spray Systems is committed to providing our customers with unparalleled spray booth solutions that are customized to fit individual production needs. For information on energy efficiency or the services we provide, contact us. Our highly-trained team of booth designers are here to help you!



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