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Guide to Protecting Your Spray Booth Summary:

  • Every kind of spray application and finish has an ideal temperature and humidity range
  • Facility managers should ensure proper climate control within and around the booth for efficient operations
  • Operators should watch for weather risk factors such as increased heat, cold or drastic changes in humidity
  • Air make-up units are great ways to control the climate within a spray booth

For spray booth operators, maintaining a stable temperature in the workspace is more than a matter of comfort. Every kind of spray and finish application has an ideal temperature and humidity range based on the specific process and compounds involved. Most applications give operators a little wiggle room when it comes to climate control, but straying outside of this range can have a serious impact on cost and quality.


Getting in the Zone

There are dozens of things booth operators need to know in order to use their equipment to its maximum potential. That’s why it’s important to carefully research proper climate conditions for each type of paint or finish project. Operators not only need to consider temperatures within the booth’s walls, but also that of the materials before they enter and after they exit the unit.

Climate control within and around the booth is crucial for maintaining efficient and effective operations. Even a few degrees above or below the acceptable threshold can completely ruin the results. Repeating this mistake can add up to significant losses, especially for companies located in areas with volatile seasonal weather patterns.


Watching Weather Risk Factors

Ambient air temperature around the booth influences the unit’s internal climate as well as the ability for compounds to set properly. Operators need to understand acceptable temperature and humidity thresholds for their specific operations so they can prepare for the threats posed by inclement weather.

Heat Risks

Since booths often have a high internal operating temperature, the risks of hot weather revolve around employee safety. Prolonged heat exposure carries health risks for employees, so employees need to stay hydrated and take steps to manage their body temperature when necessary.

It’s equally important to make sure that your booth is up to the proper electrical and fire codes, as rising temperatures can easily agitate existing issues.


Cold Weather

Cold winter days can be among the most inclement of the year for companies that rely on spray booths. Low temperatures in the workplace can cause condensation to build up along the interior of the booth, which can contaminate compounds and prevent the application from setting properly. Cooler temperatures can also exponentially increase the time it takes for a paint job to cure, which can disrupt the flow of work and throw off the production schedule.

The best solution for working in colder temperatures is to be proactive by being mindful of the spray material and application process used, as well as insulating your spray booth area to avoid exposure and the build-up of condensation.


Humidity Concerns

High temperatures may not be a primary concern for most booth operators, but the humidity associated with summer certainly is. Air make-up units and other interior climate control solutions are essential for companies located in regions that experience prolonged periods of high humidity. Some moisture content is essential for the application and curing process, but excess amounts can cause obvious flaws in almost any step of the process.


Manage Seasonal Impact with Advanced Booth Solutions

People may not have much control over the weather, but they can control how it impacts their business. Part of Spray Systems’ commitment to complete and customized booth solutions is our dedication to providing customers with equipment that will stand up to every season. We help operators identify and assess risks associated with their local climate so they can enjoy a booth that they can rely on when it’s wet, hot, cold, or dry. Contact us today to learn how our customized spray booths can meet the needs of any operation.



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