About Spray Systems

Our Story

Remember the days when words like quality and customer care meant something? We do. It’s what made our founder, Nick Testa, a successful booth engineer back when Spray Systems was just a name spray painted on the side of a single work truck.

Since 1977, Nick’s commitment to top-quality engineering and customer service earned him a reputation as the go-to designer for difficult engineering jobs. That commitment must have meant something because, more than 40 years later, Spray Systems is now more than just a name—it’s an industry leader with global reach.

From a single work truck to a state-of-the-art 45,000-square-foot facility based in Pomona, California, we have never forgotten what got us to where we are today: a commitment to engineering perfection and a dedication to unconditional customer service. As we look to the future of our company, we have challenged ourselves to provide more than what’s expected of us and to continue engineering beyond the booth.

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Our Vision

Through our dedication to engineering perfection, we aim to positively transform the world by improving the production capabilities of creators, manufacturers and providers.

Our Mission

To engineer superior products that:

  • empower our customers for success beyond their own expectations
  • challenge the accepted standards of quality by raising the bar higher
  • provide a safe and reliable environment for transformative creation

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