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Mix Rooms

Ultimate Flexibility
Your industrial paint mix room can be a stand-alone or for added flexibility, we offer vestibules to attach the mixing room to the paint booth depending upon your requirements. With four models to choose from, you have the flexibility to adapt your mix room to your paint storage requirements.

Safe and Clean Work Environment
All mix rooms, which meet NFPA-33 code standards as well as IFC regulations for storage and ventilation requirements, are modular prefabricated sheet metal rooms for installation on level concrete floors. They are available in standard and deluxe models. Our standard mix rooms, the MRS Series, meet all applicable codes, with a 3” high spill containment, a built-in workbench, and a safe environment for mixing and storing paint.

Our deluxe mix rooms, the MRD Seriemis, includes these same features, but also provides 2 ramps for convenient access into and out of the mix room; 2 motorized blower units, one to supply fresh air and the second to exhaust air from the room – the supply blower draws in plant air and then pressurizes a filtered plenum which supplies the air to the room; as well as a supply plenum equipped with high efficiency air filters to provide the cleanest possible environment for mixing and dispensing paint.

Balanced Air Flow
The supply and exhaust blowers are dynamically balanced and use a non-sparking radial designed blade. The motors for the blower are designed to be out of the air stream. The intake and exhaust air is balanced to provide the best airflow and also to minimize solvent-laden air from entering the shop. Give your painter a clean, well-lit and ventilated area for preparing, mixing, and perfecting the right color match.

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