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Crossdraft Booths

Environmentally Safe
Each crossdraft booth meets safety and code requirements –NFPA-33 and IFC –to protect those that work in any automotive spray environment, in addition to the world outside. Your crossdraft booth for automotive paint booths can be custom designed to efficiently remove the overspray from the painting operation while maintaining uniform air flow throughout the work area.

Highest Quality Finish
Spray Systems offers three different designs of crossdraft booths: a pit-style downdraft, our modified downdraft and a semi-downdraft booth which uses the same trustworthy principle with the option of above ground exhaust filter locations. Our customers frequently compliment our automotive paint booths for creating an environment that allows painters to apply the highest quality automotive finishes.

Lower Operating Costs
We use higher efficiency components and designs. We offer energy efficient components from VFD drives, recirculating exhaust systems, high efficiency motors, (T-8) lighting, and booth idle packages which can result in lower operating costs.

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