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Puckett Machinery cross draft booth

For Spray Systems, customer commitment is more than just ensuring pleasant customer service and timely results. Every major project we work on comes with a unique set of challenges and goals defined by the specific requirements of the company. Our dedication to each customer carries over into our work, driving us to deliver our best customized solutions as the situation demands.

Big Needs for Big Equipment

There are dozens of projects that could illustrate our capability and commitment, but our recent custom installation for Puckett Machinery is a perfect example. As an authorized dealer handling sales, rentals and maintenance of heavy equipment, this customer expected a booth solution that could accommodate components and vehicles of varying size. Their original facility was built with only limited capabilities and the company planned to upgrade it into a full-scale system eventually.

The main challenges of this project revolved around the limited available room in the workplace and the customer’s need for ample interior space to accommodate large vehicles. Spray Systems was tasked with designing a custom cross-draft booth into a 60 by 20 foot area with 20 feet of vertical space to work with. Despite the spatial limitations, the booth needed to fit heavy equipment, vehicles and tools used in construction and terrain management.

Addressing Challenges with Custom Solutions

Once we understood the customer’s needs in terms of restrictions and expectations, our design team created a cross-draft system that could provide the level of quality in the space allotted. Not only were we able to address all of the customer’s primary concerns, we also delivered all components on schedule and as ordered. This timely and effective service helped Puckett Machinery meet their growth expectations set in the 2013 year.

Providing excellent spray and finish booth solutions isn’t just about doing our job, it’s also about achieving meaningful results that make a real difference to our customers. Words of praise and thanks, like the testimonial below, help us stay focused and motivated on every project we work on.

How to Find Superior Spray Booth Solutions

Not all operators need a large or complicated booth to fill their core needs, but a growing number of companies in many different industries are looking for customized services that are designed specifically for their workplace. Selecting the right spray booth has a tangible impact on workplace safety, overall operational efficiency and quality of results. That’s why company leaders should take the time to really consider their options and talk to experts who understand all the details of booth design.

Booth solutions by Spray Systems are always designed with compliance, safety and efficacy in mind. We help our customers achieve a balance of responsibility, affordability and reliability that addresses both current needs and future demands. Operators who want to prepare themselves for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow can start by exploring the best spray booth options available and contacting us today.

“Everything about this project, from purchase to delivery to installation, was executed to our complete satisfaction. Communication was thorough and timely.Overall, we received excellent service from Spray Systems Inc. on our project and would welcome the opportunity to work with them again in the future.” — Christine Lewis, Purchasing Facilities Fleet Manager, Puckett Machinery Company

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