Amada America

Amada America heavy equipment booth

Amada America, a worldwide manufacturer of the finest CNC and heavy equipment machinery chose Spray Systems for their custom paint booth design. With Spray Systems’ reputation in the industry for delivering quality products on time, some of the largest companies in the heavy equipment machinery industries rely on Spray Systems for their airbrush spray paint booth design.

“The custom booths they engineered and built for us are large, as they need to accommodate a wide variety of sizes in machinery to be sprayed. Suffice to say we’re extremely happy with this custom design by Spray Systems.” — Dmitry Parnell, Facilities Manager – Amada America

Heavy Equipment Paint Booth

To ensure your heavy equipment paint booth system fully meets your expectations, Spray Systems offers spray booth designs for undercoatings, corrosion resistance materials as well as high-quality top coat finishes. Specialized filtration media, temperature, humidity controls, and 3-axis pneumatic man-lifts are all variables that must be addressed when engineering and manufacturing your heavy equipment paint booth.

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