Air Tractor, Inc.

yellow air tractor aircraft

Initially, we had planned to upgrade the oldest of nine spray facilities. But we came to appreciate that the better and more cost-effective solution was to create a custom booth to fit the existing infrastructure. We have enjoyed a long relationship of over 20 years with Dave Gray, the Spray Systems’ preferred installer in our area, who recommended SSI for this challenging project.

Our new Spray Systems booth is top quality in engineering, installation, and operation. It’s whisper-quiet—you don’t even know that it’s on—which is a real plus for our production workers. We are exceptionally pleased overall for many reasons.

Spray Systems has finishing experience in aerospace and aircraft manufacturing, and it shows. Our Air Tractor custom 60-ft pressurized booth that Spray Systems designed and built for us is precisely engineered to fit in an existing space. In addition to the tight building constraints, Spray Systems also designed within the 60’ booth a 40-ft wide, self-supporting free-span booth, and a 20-ft divided section that could accommodate small parts.

As this design evolved, Spray Systems worked with Dave Gray and us to ensure that the booth would meet the production flow required of our operating environment—this was a key consideration for us. We described our needs to Dave and he worked with the Spray Systems engineers to build exactly what we wanted.

Overall, it’s extremely high-quality workmanship. The quality of the paint jobs that come from this booth are excellent. We are totally pleased and I would certainly recommend Spray Systems.

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