Jet Propulsion Laboratories

Jet Propulsion Laboratories Booth

Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) awarded Spray Systems for its high profile, space-flight component group. JPL imposed critical challenges for Spray Systems when they asked Spray Systems to provide the most effective spray environment for its components while meeting stiff local, state, and federal air quality regulations including compliance with NESHAP and SCAQMD. Production of the custom spray booth for JPL was complicated from the start. Due to size restrictions, the booth had to accommodate a tight space while providing the most effective spray environment possible for safety and finish quality.

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Spray Systems found answers to the unique problems associated with the JPL task — from design-engineering a special double door ingress and egress system, to creating a specialized filtering system that includes a control panel to integrate a humidity control system with the booth’s own environmental control objectives — we are confident we can find solutions to any finishing problem.

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