Makers of aircraft and aerospace spray booth components face the serious challenge of balancing relatively high expenses with a need for consistent quality. Achieving this balance is particularly important when choosing spray and finish systems, as they play a crucial role throughout the production process. Booths represent a significant portion of operating costs in some production environments, so greater efficiency here can provide a serious boost to a company’s bottom line.

Choosing the Right Size and Shape Aircraft Paint Booth

The dimensions of spray booths are rarely flexible, which means operators need to carefully consider their needs when deciding the size and shape they want. Aircraft paint booths are usually much taller and wider than those used in other industries, especially if they are used to finish or maintain completed vehicles. Some manufacturers eliminate some open space in their booth by contouring the sides and ceiling to comfortably fit parts or craft.

Essentially, the goal when sizing a spray booth is to find the most compact size that won’t limit current or future operations. This can be a little tricky, as businesses need to anticipate their future needs at least a few years in advance. Buyers also have to account for the ideal orientation of objects within the booth for different types of spray applications.

Air and Material Reclamation

There are dozens of different types of spray and finish compounds used in various aircraft and aerospace applications, including both powders and liquids. Depending on the type of materials used, some booths can be fitted with a reclamation filtration system that recycles some of the unused coating compounds. Typically, the reclaimed material is mixed in with fresh supply to conserve resources without compromising quality.

Airflow design and management also present a major opportunity for efficiency, especially in larger booths. Downdraft and semi-downdraft designs are the most prevalent for aerospace applications, with the semi-downdraft offering a solid combination of affordability and quality. Optimal booth designs maximize current airflow, which is particularly useful for environments with strict temperature or humidity controls.

Finding Opportunities for Energy Efficiency

Size, shape, and airflow are all major design elements that have an obvious impact on the operational efficiency of a spray or finish system. However, there are a ton of smaller factors that also contribute to overall operating costs. For example, booth interiors must be completely illuminated so workers can accurately and evenly coat surfaces. Replacing conventional fixtures with LED ones is an easy cost-saving measure that has little impact on usability.

As a leader in the spray and finish industry, Spray Systems works with business leaders and staff members to help maximize the efficiency of their booths without compromising finished results. Our booth professionals provide expert insight and actionable information throughout the selection and design process so our customers can make an informed choice that helps them build long-term value.

We also understand the unique challenges facing members of the aerospace industry, which allows us to offer customized and catered solutions optimized for specific processes, components or materials. When it comes to applications in high-stakes industries, there is little room for error in either quality of results or operating efficiency. Contact us today for your free quote and let us design an aerospace spray booth that meets or exceeds your needs.


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