Aerospace Paint Booths

Aerospace Paint Booths

Custom Spray Booth and Finishing Systems for Aerospace Manufacturing.

For more than 40 years, aircraft manufacturers, sub-assembly and part manufacturers have relied on Spray Systems for the design and fabrication of their airplane paint spray booths. With your production requirements critical to us, each custom paint booth must be uniquely designed and manufactured to meet your needs. Agency regulations must be complied with in order for you to experience uninterrupted operations, and with these regulations in mind, all paint booth designs must be submitted in a timely fashion to meet regulation criteria. At Spray Systems, we pride ourselves on providing an effective and high-quality product that not only meets expectations but exceeds them.

JPL, the leader in providing spacecraft and component parts to support space exploration, reached out to Spray Systems for help. We had the privilege of working with them to engineer and manufacture a spray booth solution to meet a serious design challenge to solve their spray operation requirements. Jet Propulsion Labs faced stiff local, state and federal paint booth design regulations where we had considerable experience. A complicated paint booth solution resulted, from engineering the booth to size and fit to integrating environmental protection requirements. The final engineered paint booth delivered the utmost in and finish quality.

We know that aerospace manufacturers rely on experts to support them in the operation of their facilities, and where spray environments are at risk, they choose Spray Systems for proven experience and reliability. That’s our promise to you, too.


“If I were to buy a spray booth tomorrow, I would call Spray Systems again. We enjoyed our direct relationship with SSI on this project because our specifications were unique. This booth needed custom adjustments to fit with the existing booth already on the property. Spray Systems did a site visit, thought about the project, made insightful recommendations, and worked with us on the final product design and installation. When questions of scheduling, deliverables and due dates arose, they were quick to discuss and resolve these issues, responsibly -- the SSI custom spray booth functions as designed, and was a high value purchase for us. Overall, we are totally satisfied. We selected Spray Systems because of their prior experience and knowledge with the Epic Aircraft manufacturing site. We relied on their engineering and customer support to ensure the outcome we expected from them. And, yes, we would recommend Spray Systems Inc.” - Henry Boschma, Chief Financial Officer, Epic Aircraft


At Spray Systems, every manufacturer we meet presents a unique set of aerospace paint booth issues that must be solved through a custom aerospace spray booth design. Just as JPL found, challenging issues not only revolve around booth location and use but the requirement of specialized filter systems and temperature and humidity controls.

We offer three types of aerospace spray booth airflow designs so you can achieve the paint finishing your aircraft requires:

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