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Walla Walla custom spray booth

The Walla Walla Foundry is an internationally known modern contemporary bronze casting facility. The Foundry provides a range of services for producing contemporary sculpture.

We’ve completed two booth projects and Spray Systems Inc. provided precisely what we ordered. These are two, 20-foot booths–one a pressurized crossdraft booth, and the other a downdraft booth. And we will soon be installing a 40-ft downdraft paint booth. Delivery was on time and customer support and communications were great.

Our finished products require the highest precision paint finishes. We work with a diverse range of shapes and sizes and materials. Instead of traditional sculpture coatings of patina and wax, we are experiencing a growing demand for painted surfaces. And to achieve the highest level of quality possible, we asked Spray Systems to advise us on the right airflow design to achieve it. Together, we determined that a downdraft paint booth would be the best design solution for our situation.

The custom particulars in this project included an installation site that was not originally designed to accommodate a paint booth. We required a specific size to fit within a building area, and as big as possible within the space available.

What’s more, to install a spray booth in Washington State, we must submit engineering information for the local building department. Typically, each state will have a building code, fire code and electrical code requirements. We needed to be certain that all of that was in compliance, and Spray Systems—knowing the codes and how best to comply with them—advised us through the process and provided all the documentation needed to pass through those permitting processes without any bumps in the road.

Where we did have typical installation issues, Bob Hauck helped us resolve things quickly. The booths have been operating and running since installation as we intended. And it’s going well for us. Since the installation of the paint booth, we’re seeing a big improvement in reducing the amount of time, costs, and overhead for painted contemporary art pieces.

In making our purchase decision, we looked at several companies and determined the most reasonable priced booth that gave us the options that we needed, and the choice was Spray Systems.

“It’s hard when you’re installing a new piece of equipment, such as a spray booth, and you’re in a tough market for meeting customer deadlines and expectations, but Spray Systems helped us install the right spray booth solution with the urgency to keep us competitive and productive—and these booths are going to do very well for us.” — Grant Griffen, Facility Manager, Walla Walla Foundry

Walla Walla Spray Booth

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