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  • Eliminating space waste from the booth area reduces operating costs and makes more room in the workplace for other equipment.
  • Switching to downdraft design over crossdraft units can be a big space-saver, provided installation costs and requirements are acceptable.
  • Operators can use prep stations and mix rooms to streamline processes, isolate risks and minimize maintenance needs.
  • Customized booth design and process-conscious layout allow for flexibility, adaptability, and efficiency in the workplace.
Every square foot counts when it comes to spray booth operations. Many companies in manufacturing struggle to optimize every inch of their workspace as they grow and expand their physical equipment. Space-saving booth solutions also give operators more control over the workflow within the space, creating opportunities for greater efficiency and better quality controls.
Gauging impact on the overall workplace isn’t the only reason owners care about the size of their booths. The physical dimensions of the unit are also a decisive factor in determining its overall operating cost and maintenance needs. While erring on the side of a bigger booth is often better than the alternative, operators should ultimately aim for the one that comfortably fits their needs.

3 Ways to Optimize Booth Space Use

1. Going Vertical with a Downdraft Booth

While there are several factors to consider when selecting an overall airflow design and physical layout for a unit, downdraft spray booths can be a powerful space-saving booth solution. These units optimize their physical length and width dimensions thanks to air supply units that are positioned on the roof and a ventilation system installed through the floor. Aligning unit design along the vertical axis can also ensure cleaner operations within the booth and create a safer environment for workers.

2. Use Mix Rooms and Prep Stations

Prep stations are specialized workstations that allow workers to sand and prepare material outside of the actual spray environment. Mix rooms serve a similar role by providing a separate enclosure for mixing and preparing chemicals. These specialized stations can give operators better use of limited space while limiting overall risk and streamlining basic processes. Prep stations are particularly useful for companies in the automotive industry.

3. Optimize Design and Layout

One of the advantages of using custom-made spray booths is the ability to consider many personalized options during design. Operators who take the time to consider their needs can customize the layout specification of their booth to meet their finishing production goals. Establishing a centralized depot with parts and tools of varying sizes also gives workers greater flexibility in adjusting the booth system with minimal impact on overall efficiency.

Optimized and Customized Booth Solutions

With decades of experience in designing spray and finishing systems for application in many different industries, Spray Systems consistently raises the bar in all aspects of booth design. We help customers achieve their finishing production goals by developing options and solutions that fit each scenario. Eliminating “space waste” in the workplace and helping operators take advantage of every square inch is just one of the ways we leverage our spray booth expertise to give our customers the ultimate advantage. Request a quote for a customized booth solution today.


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