Mick’s Paint

Micks Paint

Over the decades, Mick’s Paint has proven their ability to meet the high-quality coating needs of luxury car builders through their pristine work on everything from custom hot rods to elite sports cars like Porsche, BMW, Maserati, and others. When they needed a custom-built spray booth that could replicate their superior results at a much faster rate while withstanding the hot, arid conditions of their location, they specifically contacted Spray Systems.

Spray Systems’ Custom-Engineered Solution

The main challenge for our Engineering team was designing a booth that could accommodate the car’s full-body exterior and various parts in a single finishing session. After collaborating with the customer, Spray Systems created a Modified Downdraft booth that gave Mick’s all the benefits of a pressurized downdraft system without compromising on spatial flexibility. The automotive booth’s airflow design combined with its temperature control system ensures optimal outcomes year-round.

“I met with their engineers to get the best booth possible to help me handle all these separate parts at one time, and they did it. The size is spot on, fits in my facility perfectly, and gives me options as I expand my production—couldn’t be happier.” – Mick Jenkins, owner of Mick’s Paint

To ensure Mick’s team had the best possible lighting for color matching, Spray Systems installed 14 custom LED light fixtures yielding a CRI value close to natural sunlight. As Jenkins offered…

“The LED lights are great! My painters love it because they rely on it to get the color match they need. It saves them time, and me, money—to deliver the finished car my customers expect.”

A Satisfaction Beyond the Booth

At Spray Systems, we’re committed to designing custom automotive spray booths that meet our clients’ safety, compliance, and performance needs. If you’re looking for a custom spray booth solution that saves your company time and money, Contact Spray Systems to schedule a consultation.

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