There’s a big difference between a product and a solution, and at Spray Systems, we’re committed to providing innovative engineering, expert booth design and a customer-centered advisory process to ensure your booth investment delivers the success you want and expect from it. This “partnership” spray booth purchasing process not only allows us to truly understand what each customer needs from the spray booth they buy, but it determines how we can best leverage our collection of specialized teams to accomplish your unique goals.


Our Partnership Process


There is a lot to consider when purchasing the right spray booth, often making it a daunting task to tackle. That’s why our Booth Design team developed a 7-step process that allows us to effectively collaborate as a partner with you—guiding you through your purchase every step of the way. Read on to find out exactly what you can expect from start to finish with our spray booth purchasing process.


Step 1: Learning About You


The “discovery call”, guided by our in-house Booth Specialist, is a critical learning stage and begins our journey with you as partners in designing the right spray booth solution.  We listen to you, establish project goals with you, appreciate parameters and understand special considerations. Almost every aspect of the situation is taken into account, including the type of product and industry, special demands, potential alternate uses for the booth and applicable code concerns. We’ll also talk about your previous paint spray booth solutions and what you did, or didn’t, like about them to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your new design.


Step 2: Identifying Your Key Issues


In our discussions with you, we’ll identify issues and challenges that need to be faced, together, to succeed with your new spray booth—taking careful consideration of logistical concerns. Our team examines your finish quality requirements to determine how sophisticated your design solutions must be to meet your expectations. We’ll also consider all aspects of your facility and operating space, including any limitations and challenges that may impact the design, installation and operation of your spray booth. Conducting this thorough analysis will ensure that your booth’s design is scalable to meet your evolving production needs, today and into the future.


Step 3: Defining Your Ideal Airflow Design


Airflow design is an important decision for any operator selecting a new spray booth. There are several design solutions, like crossdraft and downdraft, as well as common variations of these systems to maximize quality and efficiency. We’ll collaborate with you on the best airflow design options to effectively fulfill your needs and expectations. Our main goal is to engineer a solution that is fully code-compliant and tailored specifically to the production requirements of your product while reducing your operating costs. 


Step 4: Developing Your Comprehensive Quote Package


Once we have all the information we need to get started, we will create preliminary engineering and provide you with a comprehensive quote package based on your individual issues and needs, all to demonstrate the full capabilities of your new booth.  As partners in your booth’s design, we’ll review in detail any questions or concerns you may have before finalizing your quote package—all corners will be touched, all issues will be satisfied. 


Step 5: Approving Your Final Design Plan


Working further together with you, we will revise the quote package as necessary and finalize the preliminary design to meet your budget and operational needs in a way that achieves your goals. We will then set up a conference call with you and our design team to go over the full project review, including setting an estimated delivery and installation timeline. Before moving forward, we will make sure to answer all your questions and confirm your expectations.


Step 6: Launching Your Engineering and Fabrication


Now, your booth engineering begins. Our Booth Specialist and Design Team get to work creating a customized customer profile to ensure all booth design details are considered. Then, we’ll develop a highly detailed, multi-dimensional engineering drawing— a comprehensive illustration of your booth—for your discussion and approval with us. Once the final and complete design drawing and specifications are approved, we’ll move ahead with detailed instructions and engineering specifications for manufacturing to begin the fabrication of your spray booth.


Step 7: Installation, Training and Troubleshooting


After our Fabrication Team has completed their work and all quality control checks are performed, our Shipping Team will expedite the packing and shipping of your final booth to you. During this process, your Booth Specialist Team will communicate all status reports to you along the way. Then, onsite at your facility, our Installation Team will take over and start assembling your new spray booth. Once fully installed, we’ll begin the initial start-up procedures and fine-tune all controls or settings to meet each and every environmental specification. All of our team members are also prepared to provide comprehensive training for spray booth operations and conduct troubleshooting for any technical problems that may arise to ensure your booth delivers to your expectations.


The Spray Systems Promise


We take our partnership with you very seriously, throughout this 7-step spray booth purchasing process, and after your spray booth is fully installed and operating smoothly. We feel that custom booth engineering at Spray Systems, Inc., isn’t just about effective booth operations, but ensuring that our spray booth truly supports your business as it grows. As your Booth Specialist partner, we’ll embrace any challenges you may face and always look for ways to optimize your booth for maximum performance that exceeds your expectations. That’s our promise to you.


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