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  • Entry-Level Finishers

    As an auto body shop just starting out, your reputation for quality paint finishing starts with the right spray booth solution.

  • High-End Auto Refinishers

    Spray Systems booths make it possible for you to achieve a Class A finish that your customers demand from you.

  • Sport Vehicles and SUVs Require

    Spray Systems takes many of the same quality features we use in our standard auto booth designs and incorporate them into larger-size spray booths for sport and utility vehicles.

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Automotive Paint Booths

Since 1977, Spray Systems, Inc. has been designing and fabricating custom auto and car spray booth systems and related products for the automotive refinishing market. With our six unique automotive paint booth designs – traditional cross-flow style booths, down-draft style booths and modified spray booths – we can effectively meet the challenges of automotive, large and small trucks, and SUVs.

At Spray Systems, we pride ourselves on paying attention to the specific needs of our customers and creating custom automotive paint booth solutions tailored specifically to them.

Precision Body and Paint, a customer in Bend, Oregon, specifically chose Spray Systems to engineer a custom-built spray enclosure that could operate efficiently under the cold conditions of their winters, while still providing a high-end finish. After consulting with our customer, we created a downdraft automotive paint booth along with an attached paint mixing room to help solve their paint finishing equipment requirements.

“We now find a substantial reduction on our gas usage during the winter months, and faster cycle times as well,” said Greg Mickle, General Manager of Precision Body and Paint. “We’ve also discovered since installing the booth that it has allowed us to increase the number of vehicles we can cycle through our shop.”

The automotive paint booth designed and manufactured for Precision Body and Paint is easy to maintain under heavy production requirements, and special lighting allows painters to better see what they’re painting and continue to manufacture high quality products their customers have grown to expect.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current automotive paint booth to save your company time and money, a custom built automotive spray booth designed by Spray Systems is a great choice. All auto and car spray booth systems manufactured by Spray Systems fall under environmental and government regulations, and are made from only the highest quality products.

For more information about automotive spray booths and other products offered by Spray Systems, visit our Contact Us page or call us at 1-800-736-6944.

Stage 1
Air is introduced into the booth’s air supply plenum and drawn through the supply filters, located in the ceiling at the front-end of the booth, which act as a diffusion media. The multiple synthetic layers combine a pre-filter consisting of a high performance cover mat with a final filter of progressively structured media, thermally bonded and treated with a special adhesive tackifier.
Stage 2
After passing through the filters, the air is particle and dust free. This creates a virtually clean environment. This clean air passes through the booth resulting in controlled and even airflow. The air continues down and around the product collecting overspray and gathers this overspray away from the product and toward the exhaust filters, which are located in the booth’s rear exhaust plenum. This semi-downdraft design does not require an in-ground pit, giving you the features and performance of a downdraft booth without the cost for a pit.
Stage 3
As the air passes through the booth on a semi-downdraft design, it starts to move to the back of the booth toward the exhaust filters. Air is pulled into the exhaust plenum by the exhaust fan. At this point, the air is suspending the overspray particles keeping the spray booth environment, dust-free. The exhaust filters add uniformity to the airflow as the fan draws air through the filters and into the exhaust plenum. These filters are made from a continuous filament glass fiber with an open weave pattern. This design prevents face-loading as they become saturated with paint, and forces paint-laden air to change direction many times as it passes through the filter for maximum efficiency.
Stage 4
This air now continues through the exhaust plenum, which is designed to balance airflow throughout the entire booth.
Stage 5
The Spray Systems exhaust fan is designed specifically to accommodate the static pressure of the filters and to have the best possible airflow. Spray Systems precisely matches the size of the motor and fan performance for each booth. These fans operate at dBa levels below OSHA limits.
See it In Action
The semi-downdraft booth design will meet safety and code requirements – NFPA-33 and IFC – to protect those that work in any industrial spray environment, while also protecting our atmosphere. Your booth will be designed to efficiently remove the overspray from the painting operation while maintaining uniform air flow throughout the work area.