FABTECH is expected to be bigger than ever this year, offering a place for you to meet premier suppliers and discover the latest manufacturing technologies. The exhibitor space is sold out once more and we have secured a booth in the Finishing Pavilion. We'd love to see you at the show and would like for you to be our special guest if you haven’t registered already. You can register on the FABTECH button located on our homepage, or go you can go directly to: FABTECH 2017 Registration.

Registration is FREE if you register by November 3, 2017!

Meet us at the show!

Spray Systems Brings Airflow Engineering to FABTECH

In our Booth A5954, you’ll discover the 4 critical booth airflow designs that best apply to your paint finishing requirements. Crossdraft, downdraft, modified downdraft and semi-downdraft are airflow design solutions that, when chosen correctly, will deliver the best possible finishing outcome for you. Our VP Bob Hauck will present each day at 10:00 and 2:00, demonstrating these airflow designs through our 15-minute illustrative presentation, and applying them to specific products – discussing their advantages and pitfalls and knowing how to choose. Don’t miss out, reserve your spot using the form below!

You’ll take away our informative and illustrated brochure on airflow to help you make your next booth design decision. Our booth design goal is that all engineering elements of your booth—especially airflow—work in harmony to deliver the best possible spray environment for the highest quality finish. If you’re interested in attending this presentation, just sign up using the form below!

Enjoy our Booth and Learn

Come to our booth and be entertained by our specially produced slideshow for FABTECH. You’ll see booths in various stages of concept design, fabrication and installation on large TV monitors. From concept to final spray booth solution, don’t miss this slide show – we’ll talk with you about the possibilities.


We would really enjoy seeing you at Booth A5954 and talking about your spray booth needs and concerns. Make sure to reserve a time that works best for you using this form below, and we’ll be sure to be there!

We truly look forward to seeing you at the show!