Based on his 40 years of booth technology experience, Bob Hauck, vice president of Spray Systems, was selected by the Chemical Coaters Association International (CCAI) to speak at FABTECH 2019-Chicago as part of their Finishing Technologies Conference Program.

In his 3-part presentation titled, “Making Safety a Priority”, Bob aims to reinforce the ultimate design objectives of spray booths and then apply the codes that can affect optimal booth designs.

At Bob’s presentation, attendees will learn how to optimize their spray environment while minimizing costs through hearing about real spray booth stories that went right… and about ones that went very, very wrong.


A Presentation Overview: Setting Safety as a Priority

Spray booths are highly regulated by many different government and commercial agencies, and are subject to many other internal regulations that a finisher requires for their plant. This is for a good reason, as the spray environment directly impacts operator health, personnel health and plant safety.

Similarly, an inefficient or otherwise unsafe spray booth design can also affect overall plant productivity and negatively impact a company’s operations. Because of this, key decision makers and purchasing agents have to be more informed than ever about regulatory code. Otherwise, dangerous assumptions can lead to disastrous results.

A Dangerous Assumption

In his presentation, Bob primarily aims to address a commonly heard, and dangerous, assumption that has permeated the fabrication industry: “The building inspector is all over me, but I’m sure my booth designer will meet all required regulations.”

While a well-designed booth can help implicitly address regulatory concerns, if you’re not asking the right code questions upfront then you could be setting yourself, and your business, up for failure.

Designing The Ultimate Spray Booth Solution

During the presentation, Bob will outline the ultimate spray booth design objectives and then applies the codes that might affect these optimal booth designs. Bob will demonstrate how, when specific codes are considered, booth designers must protect the best possible design choice. As a result, the designer’s job is to not only engineer the optimal booth environment for the best possible finish, but also ensure that all building and safety codes are followed.

Codes Dictate Design Goals

The importance of codes cannot be underestimated—compliance is mandatory. Whether it’s NFPA33, OSHA, IFC or building codes, any regulatory violation can be extremely costly. As part of his presentation, Bob will explore what aspects of booth design present the biggest risk and what happens if you violate them.


An Exclusive Deal for Spray Systems

This is a session that shouldn’t be missed by anyone who is responsible for the proper use and installation of a spray booth, or anyone responsible for ensuring that spray booth operations meet all proper regulations and codes. If you’re a CEO, COO, plant manager, or operator, this talk could save you and your business time and money.

We look forward to seeing you there!



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