Optimizing your spray environment while minimizing your cost

Real Stories of Spray Booths that went right, and ones that went very wrong…

You’re invited to hear Bob Hauck, Vice President for Spray Systems, speak at FABTECH-Chicago. Based on Bob’s 40 years of booth technology experience, Bob was selected by CCAI to speak in their CCAI’s FINISHING Technologies Conference Program. CCAI felt a pressing need to educate attendees on how they, too, can design and install a “Perfect Booth” – one that effectively integrates today’s booth technologies that deliver an effective, safe and cost-efficient spray environment.

Listed on the CCAI schedule as C21:NEW! SPRAY BOOTH DESIGN: DO IT RIGHT, Bob’s talk is an hour-long, and chock-full of information. Reserve this date: Monday, November 9th, at 10:30am.

Who should attend …

  • CEO’s and COO’s contemplating capital investment into a spray booth environment
  • Plant/Facility Managers charged with the opportunity to build the perfect booth and deliver to ROI goals
  • Painters/Operators of spray booths who influence how the perfect booth is designed and installed
  • QA/EH&S staff required to ensure that the spray environment meets all safety standards
  • Anyone charged with the responsibility to deliver optimal quality, productivity, and cost-efficiency

Learn how to achieve the Top 5 Spray Booth Design Objectives …

  • Booth that’s designed at the perfect size to be optimally efficient for you
  • Booth that’s designed to effectively facilitate your unique pace of production output
  • Booth that enhances your high finish spray quality at all times
  • Booth that completely complies with all safety code standards, yours and all regulatory agencies
  • Booth that operates in a manner that consistently allows you to produce parts, cost-effectively

Takeaway this critical advice …

  • Learn the critical booth essentials that must be integrated into your next spray booth to outperform expectations
  • Learn the critical, easy to follow, checklist to ensure nothing is missed in designing your perfect booth
  • Learn the critical questions to ask your spray designer (and not assume) to avoid costly mistakes
  • Learn the specific Spray Booth Design Options that will achieve your unique spray environment goals
  • Learn the Spray Booth Design Process, from concept design through fabrication and installation, from idea to final spray booth solution, through eye-opening illustrations of actual customer spray booth solutions

A session that can’t be missed by anyone contemplating an error-free spray booth design and installation experience.

If you are unable to hear Bob speak at Fabtech, contact our team if you need help designing your spray booth.




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