Pomona, California – Bob Hauck, Vice President for Spray Systems, because of his 40 years of spray booth technology experience, was selected by CCAI, Chemical Coatings Association International, and the primary educational resource for finishing technologies at FABTECH, to speak at this year’s national conference. FABTECH, responding to a demand for booth technology advice from its members, felt a pressing need to educate the attendees on how they, too, can design and install a “Perfect Booth” – one that effectively integrates today’s booth technologies that deliver an effective, safe and cost-efficient spray environment.

Hauck’s hour-long address is titled Spray Booth Essentials: Designing the Perfect Paint Spray Booth. His talk demonstrates how to optimize various spray booth environments while minimizing operating costs, from large equipment/high paint finishing environments to high volume/conveyorized environments. The audience – consisting of CEOs, CFO’s, plant managers, painters, and QA/EH&S staff – will be giving specific advice and telling real stories of spray booths that went right, and those that went very wrong.

“As CFO of a lighting manufacturer, having attended this talk last year, it was really home for me…Bob helped me to better appreciate the best ways to design my paint spray booth, the right way the first time … the mistakes I’ve made before I heard this talk cost me thousands of dollars to remedy … now I know that it all could have been avoided…this talk is a must for all Finishers to attend,” said Mark Guminski, CFO, Pinnacle Architectural Lighting Co.

Told through real stories and PowerPoint illustrations, Hauck’s takeaways are remarkable. He urges that these critical spray booth essentials learned during his talk must be considered and integrated into your next spray booth design to avoid costly mistakes and installation roadblocks (e.g., challenging the optimal size of a paint spray booth to perfectly fit your part and operation for better speed and quality; assessing your unique production pace to ensure you meet delivery goals; understanding the paint finish quality needed to outperform customer expectations; achieving spray booth safety code compliance to avoid delays and raise productivity, and more).

Hauck will address the unique Spray Booth Design Options that can achieve your goals based on your unique paint spray booth environment (e.g., the “what-when-why” of designing and installing a Downdraft Spray Booth, a Crossdraft Spray Booth, a Modified Crossdraft Spray Booth, a Water Wash Spray Booth versus a Dry Filter Spray Booth, or an Exhaust Chamber, powder booth considerations, and other options).

“I truly enjoy meeting and talking with attendees and matching their frustrations with real design and installation solutions for their next paint spray booth … there isn’t a one-size-fits-all spray booth solution that meets all spray booth environments and goals; asking the right questions and planning ahead is key, and, through that process, an error-free design and installation project can be realized,” Hauck advises.

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