Mick’s Paint’s ability to turn automotive finishes into pristine showpieces has captured the attention of many in the high-end paint and autobody world with work spanning across custom hot rods to elite sports cars like Porsche, BMW, Maserati, and others. So it’s no surprise that when customers are looking for high-end finishers, Mick’s demonstrated talent for producing stunning paintwork on high-profile projects places their business at the top of their minds.


Mick’s Painting Challenge


Mick’s doesn’t run a typical body or collision shop. The work they do is set at a much higher bar. Where a typical shop with high-end finishing needs might complete 1 car every 2-3 months, many of Mick’s customers require expedited turnarounds to meet their unique specifications—resulting in Mick’s need to finish 1 car per week. That level of capacity when working with high-end paint products requires meticulous spray booth engineering that offers a high-volume, uninterrupted workflow—especially considering the complex nature of perfecting luxury coats on carbon fiber parts in just a week’s time.


In addition, Mick’s facility is located in the hot, arid climate of Southern California —so when outside temperatures were over 80°-85° F, they had to stop painting altogether. The heat-stricken conditions made it near impossible for their team to achieve the superior finish quality their high-profile customer base requires, so it was critical that we engineer a spray booth with the right airflow design, configuration and temperature control system to ensure optimal outcomes year-round. 


Spray Systems’ Custom-Engineered Solution


Size and Airflow

Our Engineering Team spent a considerable amount of time collaborating with Mick’s to determine the best dimensions to get the job done in the most cost-efficient way without compromising on finish quality. The main challenge being, that a traditional-sized booth would not accommodate the car’s full body exterior, doors and other various body parts in a single finishing session. 


Spray Systems recommended a Modified Downdraft booth to give Mick’s all the benefits of a pressurized downdraft system while still providing them with the spatial flexibility they needed. The design allowed the painter to work anywhere in the booth, facing any direction needed, while the overspray was swept away to the custom filtration system. 


When asked about how well our custom spray booth solution was able to meet their needs, Mick Jenkins, owner of Mick’s Paint, said…


“I met with their engineers to get the best booth possible to help me handle all these separate parts at one time, and they did it. The size is spot on, fits in my facility perfectly, and gives me options as I expand my production—couldn’t be happier.”

Code Compliance


With intricate spray booth designs comes strict code compliances, and we at Spray Systems knew air pollution control would be at the top of the list for Mick’s custom spray booth design. One of the major requirements was the inclusion of a Low Nox gas-fired burner, which needed to meet the most stringent NOX emissions in the country, 30 PPM at 3% O2, in order to comply with SCAQMD regulations on top of all the other applicable codes required by spray booth operators. 




Spray Systems’ lighting engineers worked with Mick’s to provide the latest in LED technology to ensure painters had the best possible visibility for color matching and even coat applications. Poor lighting increases It’s the avoid the risks of costly mistakes in both material and labor. Our engineers installed 14 custom LED 7,500-lumen light fixtures with a 5,000K output yielding a CRI above 92—a value close to natural sunlight. As Jenkins offered…


“The LED lights are great! My painters love it because they rely on it to get the color match they need. It saves them time, and me, moneyto deliver the finished car my customers expect.”


Temperature Controls


To combat Mick’s harsh climate conditions, Spray Systems designed a custom air supply cooling system built into the air make-up unit that adjusts to the adequate temperatures needed for high-quality finishes based on the PLC control system readings. 


“Even though my booth was installed with high-tech controls, Sprays Systems made it easier for our painters to operate the booth. And they’re a quick phone call away when we have any questions or concerns about our booth’s operation. Perfection!”

A Partnership That Delivers, Day In and Day Out


At Spray Systems, we’re committed to designing the most safe, dependable and effective spray booth solution for you. Contact us today to start building the perfect booth that meets your needs and provides the utmost quality satisfaction.

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