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Specially Engineered Designs for the Aerospace Industry

“We are exceptionally pleased with our aircraft paint booth. Spray Systems has finishing experience in aerospace and aircraft manufacturing, and it shows.”

— Rick Turner, Vice President, Air Tractor, Inc.   [Case Study]

Experience and Dedication

When aerospace manufacturers need a reliable aircraft paint booth, they call Spray Systems. Having worked closely with industry giants for decades, we’ve developed a comprehensive understanding of the nuanced needs of an effective aircraft paint booth. When even a minor mechanical mishap can spell disaster for a production line, operators need to be able to trust fully in their equipment and the people who design them.

That’s why we leverage our position as industry leaders of design technology and our knowledge of safety standards to work collaboratively with you in designing the perfect aircraft paint booth for your facility. From education to installation, we ensure that there are no surprises and that your booth performs to your highest standards.

Aerospace Paint
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Exceptional Performance

Precision Engineering

Precision Engineering

Because of our industry experience and precision engineering, aerospace manufacturers rely on Spray Systems products to support them in the operation of their facilities. We utilize top-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology so that we can always deliver innovative, reliable and high-quality paint booth solutions.

Safe and Reliable Design

Safe and Reliable Design

Our aircraft paint booth designs are always drafted and constructed with safety compliance and efficacy in mind. To this end, we help our customers achieve a balance of reliability, affordability and responsibility that addresses both current needs and future demands. Additionally, we serve our customers as lifetime safety guides so that they may avoid unnecessary surprises through continuing code compliance education.

Build Your Booth

Get started on your own custom-designed, dependable, cost-effective solution. Our team of experts will work directly with you to ensure your spray booth is state-of-the-art.

Custom Aircraft Spray Booths

Jet Propulsion Laboratories

Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) awarded Spray Systems for our high profile, space-flight component group. Due to size restrictions, the custom aircraft paint booth had to accommodate a tight space while providing the most effective spray environment possible for safety and finish quality. Additionally, Spray Systems helped JPL avoid unnecessary risk by navigating them through stiff local, state and federal air quality regulations.

Air Tractor, Inc.

Air Tractor commended Spray Systems for our high-quality workmanship and customer service. We designed a custom 60-foot pressurized aircraft paint booth to fit precisely in an existing space, along with an internal 40-foot wide, self-supporting free-span booth and a 20-foot divider to accommodate small part finishing. Because of our “whisper-quiet” booth design, Air Tractor operators were able to work more efficiently and with greater results.

Our Aerospace Customers

American Airlines
Raytheon Technologies
Robinson Helicopters
United Airlines