"Our new Spray Systems booth is top quality in engineering, installation and operation. It’s whisper-quiet—you don’t even know that it’s on—which is a real plus for our production workers. We are exceptionally pleased overall… Spray Systems has finishing experience in aerospace and aircraft manufacturing, and it shows… The quality of the paint jobs that come from this booth are excellent. We are totally pleased and I would certainly recommend Spray Systems."

Rick Turner, Vice President - Air Tractor, Inc.

"If I were to buy a spray booth tomorrow, I would call Spray Systems again. We enjoyed our direct relationship with SSI on this project because our specifications were unique. This booth needed custom adjustments to fit with the existing booth already on the property. Spray Systems did a site visit, thought about the project, made insightful recommendations, and worked with us on the final product design and installation. When questions of scheduling, deliverables and due dates arose, they were quick to discuss and resolve these issues, responsibly -- the SSI custom spray booth functions as designed, and was a high value purchase for us. Overall, we are totally satisfied. We selected Spray Systems because of their prior experience and knowledge with the Epic Aircraft manufacturing site. We relied on their engineering and customer support to ensure the outcome we expected from them. And, yes, we would recommend Spray Systems Inc.”

Henry Boschma, Chief Financial Officer, Epic Aircraft

Large Equipment

"The custom booths they engineered and built for us are large, as they need to accommodate a wide variety of sizes in machinery to be sprayed. Suffice to say we're extremely happy with this custom design by Spray Systems."

Dmitry Parnell, Facilities Manager - Amada America

"We are 100% pleased with the Blast Booth we purchased from Spray Systems. Our satisfaction includes the purchase, delivery, quality of equipment, installation and operation. Dereck Gray from Abrasive Warehouse was also great to work with as he made things happen.

At the time, we considered three other manufacturers and we selected Spray Systems, primarily because of the excellent value for the money invested. The booth went together with no delays or problems, and we are entirely happy with the system. There's no doubt that I would recommend Spray Systems as a valued supplier of blast booths and spray booths."

Chris Shine, General Manager, MAN Diesel & Turbo North America

"Everything about this project, from purchase to delivery to installation, was executed to our complete satisfaction. Communication was thorough and timely.Overall, we received excellent service from Spray Systems Inc. on our project and would welcome the opportunity to work with them again in the future."

Christine Lewis, Purchasing Facilities Fleet Manager, Puckett Machinery Company

Industrial Manufacturing

"The booth was built with such precision that the construction time to assemble was just two days. I can tell you from experience that after the booth was installed and running, we made the right choice - Spray Systems made my job easy. At Fender, we pride ourselves on the quality and attention to details to deliver the best instruments we can make. After working with Spray Systems, we can see they share the same passion."

Bill Holmes, Facilities Manager - Fender

"The Spray Systems booth works very well for us. In fact, the product and installation are perfect…we like it. Our work at Brogan Studios often involves art for museums, and our standard of quality needs to be flawless. The Spray Systems booth saves preparation time, makes our work easer, and supports the museum-quality work that we deliver. For value for the dollar, I’d rate the Spray Systems product at 4.5 on a scale of five. And I would certainly recommend Spray Systems as a spray booth supplier."


Jack Brogan, Partner, Brogan Studios

“We have had great success with your products. Spray Systems products are well built, durable and hold up to full-time production. I like your team—they were great with communication, documentation and any questions I had were answered with a quick phone call. What’s more, this is the third booth we’ve bought from Spray Systems over the last 15-years, and I believe that speaks for itself. I will and have recommended Spray Systems Equipment to associates and other local manufacturers. I understand that some of these referrals have purchased booths from Spray Systems and had the same quality experience. “ 

Michael Fowler, Co-Owner, Cabinet Door Service Company

" Everything about the purchase and installation of the Spray Systems Inc product was great. The competitive price and the superior lead-time were deciding factors. Spray Systems gave us a date—about three weeks quicker than the competition—and they delivered as promised. And, as expected, the booth went together easily and without problems…and their factory-direct customer service was excellent.”

Don Harms, Owner - Lane-Aire Manufacturing Corporation

“Our purchase of an 18 ft Industrial Booth represented a good value investment for us. I was on board for the entire project, including specifying the size, location, placement, and other booth details. Overall, we are happy with the quality of the booth. The booth sets side-by-side with another booth in our shop and we can easily see comparisons in both materials and quality of construction.

“We are happy with the product, but as with any installation, there were a few minor issues with permits, permissions, and approvals. These were all resolved quickly, although closer coordination may have made the process smoother and faster.

“The SSI product is built to be heavy-duty, durable with long-lasting construction. I would recommend Spray Systems Inc.”


Jose Villamil, Production Manager, Moon International


"Our longstanding relationship and multiple SSI projects are a reflection of confidence in the Spray Systems Inc. brand, products and service excellence. The Gill Corporation has done a dozen projects with Spray Systems over more than 20 years, and they have always delivered a quality product, that's well-made and professionally installed. These projects include nine new booths or enclosures, plus three retrofits. Our most recent purchase and installation--as with the previous dozen--was handled to our complete satisfaction. I recommend Spray Systems Inc without hesitation."


Greg Zeronian, Director of Engineering, The Gill Corporation

"I would recommend Spray Systems for producing a great working system (Wet Scrubber). Our equipment selection was based on a fair price, good reliable craftsmanship and complied to our Environmental Engineer’s Specification, meeting local EPA compliance. When it was delivered, all the elements were complete with minimum assembly required. Customer service was good, when we had issues, there was always a prompt response and quick resolution to prevent operational downtime."

Ray Williams, Coating Application Engineer, Tuboscope

"It's hard when you're installing a new piece of equipment, such as a spray booth, and you're in a tough market for meeting client deadlines and expectations, but Spray Systems helped us install the right spray booth solution with the urgency to keep us competitive and productive—and these booths are going to do very well for us."

Grant Griffen, Facility Manager, Walla Walla Foundry


"We now find a substantial reduction on our gas usage during the winter months, and faster cycle times as well. We've also discovered since installing the booth that it has allowed us to increase the number of vehicles we can cycle through our shop."

Greg Mickle, General Manager of Precision Body and Paint

"Diesel Depot has been satisfied with the Spray Systems large equipment booth/mix room and it’s installation...and I'd say we're good with that. Spray Systems offered a competitive price and good customer service. In the past three years, there haven't been any problems or significant issues with the booth...lighting is good...it all works fine."

Vincent Torres, Paint Shop Manager - Diesel Depot

"We love this thing! With several years experience in this business, I recognize and appreciate that our industrial booth by Spray Systems Inc. is top quality with superior engineering. The final design and booth equipment are fabulous. We believe the booth is a key element in making our collision repair program the best in the state, and perhaps the best in the Western United States."

Andy Morgan, Director of Instruction - Dixie Technical College

“Power Auto Group couldn’t be happier with the outstanding Spray Systems booth and customer service. We’ve been in full production for a while and the output quality has been excellent from the start. It looks amazing and we are very, very pleased.

“As someone in the trade with 45 years knowledge and experience, I recognize outstanding quality and workmanship when I see it, particularly in the details. For example, the booth hinges, latches and other kinds of components can go south on a booth, but Spray Systems has quality, workable parts that are built-in, and that we know will last and give good service for many years. Overall, the hardware and materials unpacked and assembled with precision.

“The selection of Spray Systems was a good choice for us; we make a living out of that booth and it needed to be the best choice for our needs today, and in the future. It’s an excellent value and a dependable product. Yes, I would definitely recommend Spray Systems Inc.”

Keith Stone - General Manager, Power Auto Group