"The custom booths they engineered and built for us are large, as they need to accommodate a wide variety of sizes in machinery to be sprayed. Suffice to say we're extremely happy with this custom design by Spray Systems."

Dmitry Parnell, Facilities Manager

"The booth was built with such precision that the construction time to assemble was just two days. I can tell you from experience that after the booth was installed and running, we made the right choice - Spray Systems made my job easy. At Fender, we pride ourselves on the quality and attention to details to deliver the best instruments we can make. After working with Spray Systems, we can see they share the same passion."

Bill Holmes, Facilities Manager

"We now find a substantial reduction on our gas usage during the winter months, and faster cycle times as well. We've also discovered since installing the booth that it has allowed us to increase the number of vehicles we can cycle through our shop."

Greg Mickle, General Manager of Precision Body and Paint