Water Wash Spray Booths

Water Wash Spray Booths - Spray Paint and Finishing Systems

Highest Quality Finish and Environmentally Safe

Spray Systems' industrial water wash spray booth provides an extremely efficient means for removing paint particles from the exhausted air by using water as a filtration medium. Water wash booths are utilized for high volume paint usage. In addition, water wash booths handle a larger variety of paints as compared to dry filter booths, with a wider range of viscosities and drying speeds. Water wash spray booths are favored by all health, fire and building codes.

Flexible and Adaptable

Spray Systems’ water wash booths are designed for many finishing applications. We offer both pump and pumpless versions in open face, enclosed, and conveyorized models. Adapting front filter doors, air make-up systems, sludge de-watering, and special spray booth controls are just a few ways that we can engineer a custom water wash spray booth for you.

Appearance and Durability

Your water wash booth will have a quality appearance with our durable premium grade G-90 galvanized steel. The collection pan is fabricated using heavy 12 gauge galvanized steel with continuous welded construction.

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