Non-Recovery Powder Booths

Non-Recovery Powder Booths

Environmentally Safe

Each Non-Recovery Powder Booth exceeds safety and code requirements – NFPA-33, IFC – to protect those that work in any industrial manufacturing spray environment, while also protecting our atmosphere. Your booth will be designed to efficiently remove the powder overspray from the painting operation while maintaining uniform air flow throughout the work area.

Flexible and Adaptable

You’ll discover that we custom design our Non-Recovery Powder Booths to be flexible and adaptable to whatever your finishing applications might be. We design open face booths for batch production, as well as high production, conveyorized spray booth models. Adapting front filter doors, air make-up systems and special spray booth controls are just a few ways that we can engineer a custom non-recovery powder booth for you.

Economic and Effective

Our Non-Recovery Powder Booth provides you an extremely effective method of powder collecting, at half the cost of a traditional cartridge collector-type powder booth. These Booths are designed with a 3-Stage Filter System that captures the powder overspray, allowing clean air to recirculate back into your plant. This eliminates the need for exhaust stack with expensive air replacement systems. Non-Recovery Powder Booths are ideal for “spray to waste” batch operations.

The 3-Stage Filter System At Work

Stage-1 prefilter pad, an easy-to-replace sacrifice filter that collects most of the powder overspray; Stage-2 pleated filter which protects the more expensive bag filter from finer powder particulates; and Stage-3 a 5-pocket, 12” deep bag filter which prevents fine powder contamination from recirculating in the plant. A pressure switch is included for monitoring the static pressure across the final stage. This pressure switch is a safety device which interlocks with the powder equipment to shut off at a pre-determined set point to warn operators to service the filters.

Appearance and Durability

Your non-recovery powder booth will have a quality appearance with our durable premium grade G-90 galvanized steel–a superior steel material that allows our booths to resist corrosion and to last longer.

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