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Client Spotlight: Air Tractor

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  • Spray Systems was tasked to maximize the reliability, efficiency, and versatility of Air Tractor’s spray booth operations within a predetermined space.
  • The ability to keep up with high production demand was another chief concern on this project.
  • Benefits of the booth design for this client include minimal noise pollution and the ability to accommodate both large and small parts.
  • Our recent work with Air Tractor is just one example of the ways we help companies create value and reduce waste, even with ample restrictions on the scope of the project.
Collaborating with cutting-edge companies to solve dynamic and difficult problems defines Spray Systems as an innovator and leader in our industry. While we take pride in the work we do on all kinds of projects, there are a few noteworthy challenges that deserve a special mention. As we share our excitement about a recent success working with aerospace manufacturer Air Tractor, Inc., we also want to seize the opportunity to illustrate the real potential of custom spray booth solutions.

Air Tractor Project Snapshot

Facing the prospect of upgrading one of their outdated spray application facilities, Air Tractor decided to pursue a new custom installation instead. Despite the simple goals of improving procedural quality and cost-efficacy, the project was challenging due to the finite space available within an active work environment. Essentially, Spray Systems was tasked to maximize reliability, efficiency, and versatility within a predetermined space. 

Working With Limited Space

Every spray booth design is a contest of capability, cost, and containment. Space is a premium in almost any workplace, but being confined within strict and specific parameters creates unique challenges. Our solution for Air Tractor provided for a 60-foot pressurized booth divided into a 20-foot and 40-foot section. This created optimized spaces for both large and small parts, which are both commonplace in aerospace facilities. 

Meeting the Demand 

The ability to keep up with production demands was another chief concern on this project. Efficient and seamless operations are fundamental for successful aerospace manufacturing environments, so we know that the custom booths needed the capability of matching this pace. Close collaboration during development allowed Spray Systems designers to ensure that the unit could accommodate expected production demand.

Thinking Outside the Booth

A spray booth solution doesn't just account for what happens within the walls of the unit, but also how the unit impacts the people and environment around it. Another benefit of the booth design for this client was minimal noise pollution. Running quietly may not be a requirement for most booths, but it's a welcome relief for employees and can make the whole work environment a little safer.

A Job Well Done

We are proud of our effort, ingenuity, and execution at all stages of this project. Creating excellent, customized spray booths may be our business, but words of appreciation from our clients help fuel our passion for the job:
"Our new Spray Systems booth is top quality in engineering, installation, and operation. It’s whisper-quiet—you don’t even know that it’s on—which is a real plus for our production workers. We are exceptionally pleased overall… Spray Systems has finishing experience in aerospace and aircraft manufacturing, and it shows… The quality of the paint jobs that come from this booth is excellent. We are totally pleased and I would certainly recommend Spray Systems."
Rick Turner, Vice President - Air Tractor, Inc.

Make the Most Out of Your Booth

For Spray Systems, every custom booth is an opportunity to express our creativity and apply our technical skills to the real-world problems facing our clients. We aren't just focused on excellent results, but also our methodical and collaborative process that ensures strong service throughout each project. Our recent work with Air Tractor is just one example of the ways we help companies create value and reduce waste, even with ample restrictions on the scope of the project.

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posted on Tuesday, September 03, 2019