Large Equipment Paint Booths

Large Equipment Paint Booths

Large equipment manufacturers face a tough challenge in the design and manufacture of their paint spray booths. Because your products are large in size, dimension, and weight, and coupled with your critical need to meet rate-of-production requirements, we pride ourselves in delivering to our large equipment customers the right paint booth solution, each and every time.

With an eye for speed and a high-quality finish, you can be assured that we can provide a spray booth environment for any coatings that you use. Whether your production systems are batch or conveyorized, all Spray Systems’ large equipment paint spray booths can effectively support you.

Compliant with all environmental and governmental regulations, our paint spray booth designs have you covered. Our booths range from open-faced to enclosed and integrate a filtration system capable of meeting these regulations.

Our list of large equipment customers is extensive. One such customer is Amada America who came to us with an urgent need – a well-respected manufacturer of heavy machinery needed a custom-designed paint spray booth that was effective in delivering the spray environment they sought and designed and installed to a tight schedule. Spray Systems delivered their paint spray booth to those goals, and earned the praise of the facilities manager at Amada see Custom Large equipment paint Booths for more). Suffice to say, they needed a paint booth solution that wouldn’t fail them – their reputation was at stake.

Our design and engineering team works hand-in-hand with our customers to collaborate on the initial large equipment spray booth designs and any refinements to them as we proceed through the engineering process. Additionally, we stand ready to answer any questions that arise while using their large equipment paint booths that we designed and manufactured for them. At Spray Systems, we don't just create a product - we team up with our customers at each milestone of the design and manufacturing process.

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