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Industrial Manufacturing Custom Solutions

Since 1977, Spray Systems, Inc. has been designing and fabricating custom industrial spray booths and related products for manufacturers in a variety of industries. Regardless of the size of your company, the type and size of the product you manufacture, the production rate or the coatings used, Spray Systems can provide the right spray booth for you.

If you’ve been looking for a general manufacturing or industrial spray booth system, you’ve come to the right place. Spray Systems offers an entire line of spray booths designed and manufactured for the general manufacturing industry and specializes in the fabrication of custom paint booths. Our custom industrial spray booths can be used in woodworking, furniture manufacturing, and metalworking industries, among others.

Our customized spray booths are built with your unique product in mind: some clients may require additional clearances above and beside the spray booth, while others may require overhead cranes and man lifts. Regardless of your company’s unique requirements, all industrial spray booths are designed to control hazardous materials and meet local safety and health regulations. Since we use higher energy efficiency components and designs, our booths also have lower operating costs.

Our flexible, state-of-the-art booths may be used for production batch finishing as well as high production finishing on an automatic conveyor line. Our conveyor style industrial spray booths can accommodate overhead rail systems and floor conveyors for heavier parts, and can also be used to satisfy larger, low volume productions. Our spray booth designs can meet all of your finishing needs -- whether you’re applying a powder coating or liquid coatings ranging from functional to high finish quality.

From booth dimensions and weight to temperature and energy usage, all industrial and general manufacturing spray booths are fully customizable. We provide you with the ability to choose which components you need, after which we tailor these components to meet your specific needs.

From our flexibility and innovative engineering, precise CNC manufacturing, customer service and personal attention to every detail, you can rely on Spray Systems to deliver booth solutions to accommodate your specific spray booth requirements.

For more information about Spray Systems and how our industrial spray booths can help you, please contact us today. We provide free quotes on all booth systems!

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