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  • Wood Manufacturing Applications

    Spray Systems booths for fine wood finishing may be used for overhead conveyorized lines, high production palletized floor conveyorized lines, as well as low production batch systems.

  • Metal Manufacturing Applications

    Our booths for metal finishing may be used for overhead conveyorized lines, high production palletized floor conveyorized lines, as well as low production batch systems.

  • Powder Manufacturing Applications

    From 3-stage filter, batch powder operations, to automated conveyorized powder operations, Spray Systems can design the booth solution that’s right for you.

  • Automated Manufacturing Applications

    From simple overhead conveyor loops, to more complicated power-and-free conveyor systems, or high-production palletized floor conveyorized lines, Spray Systems can design the right spray booth to meet your automated requirements.

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General Manufacturing Spray Booths

Since 1977, Spray Systems, Inc. has been designing and fabricating spraying systems and related products for manufacturers in a variety of industries. Regardless of the size of your company, the type and size of product you manufacture, the production rate or the coatings used, Spray Systems can provide the right spray booth for you.

From our flexibility and innovative engineering, precise CNC manufacturing, customer service and personal attention to every detail, you can rely on Spray Systems to deliver booth solutions to accommodate your specific spray booth requirements.

Fender Music Instruments Corp. selected Spray Systems to design and install a custom paint spray booth for their Robotic Paint Spray system. Because of our reputation throughout the industry, integrators and other booth installers recommend us to their customers. Though Fender’s space was confined, we were able to make two automated conveyorized booths connecting to a flash room and our engineers were able to incorporate all of Fender’s requirements.

“The booth was built with such precision that the construction time to assemble was just two days,” said Bill Holmes, Facilities Manager for Fender. “I can tell you from experience that after the booth was installed and running, we made the right choice – Spray Systems made my job easy.”

Not only are we dedicated to providing products quickly, but we pride ourselves on our commitment to detail. Each spraying system we design is built using the best components in the market. “At Fender, we pride ourselves on the quality and attention to details to deliver the best instruments we can make,” said Holmes. “After working with Spray Systems, we can see they share the same passion.”

In addition to creating custom general manufacturing spraying systems for companies like Fender, Spray Systems is experienced in designing and manufacturing a wide range of general manufacturing spray booths, including furniture spray booths, wood, metal, and powder coating manufacturing applications.

Request a quote or call us at 1-800-736-6944 for more information about general manufacturing spray systems and other products offered by Spray Systems. 
Stage 1
Air enters the booth through the air intake filters. As the air passes through these filters, containments are captured, and the air now becomes uniform throughout the booth working area.
Stage 2
After passing through the filters, the air is particle and dust free. This creates a virtually clean environment. This clean air passes through the booth resulting in controlled and even airflow.
Stage 3
As the air flows over the product being sprayed, the paint overspray is suspended and is carried to the exhaust filters.
Stage 4
The exhaust filters add uniformity to the airflow as the fan draws air through the filters and into the exhaust plenum. These filters are made from a continuous filament glass fiber with an open weave pattern. This design prevents face-loading as they become saturated with paint, and forces paint-laden air to change direction many times as it passes through the filter for maximum efficiency.
Stage 5
The clean air now continues through the exhaust plenum, which is also designed to balance airflow throughout the entire booth. The Spray Systems exhaust fan is designed specifically to accommodate the static pressure of the filters and to have the best possible airflow. Spray Systems precisely matches the size of the motor and fan performance for each booth. These fans operate at dBa levels below OSHA limits.
See it In Action
The cross-draft booth design will meet safety and code requirements – NFPA-33 and IFC – to protect those that work in any industrial spray environment, while also protecting our atmosphere. Your booth will be designed to efficiently remove the overspray from the painting operation while maintaining uniform air flow throughout the work area.