Large Spray Booths for Sport & SUV Vehicles

Large Spray Booths for Sport/SUV Vehicles

Sport Vehicles and SUVs Require Larger Booth Design

Our engineering system, flexible designs and high-tech CNC machining allow us to build a booth that can be easily modified to grow with your business. Our proprietary design fans – the quietest in the automotive market – coupled with our quality fresh air and exhaust filters, provide a uniformly well-ventilated booth and a quiet, comfortable working environment. Our large spray booths for sport/SUV vehicles make it possible to achieve a Class A finish.

Our energy-efficient, industrial-rated lighting and other electrical components meet all electrical codes and provide a safe work area. We build our booths to be easily assembled with 4-sided flanged panels that mean fewer components to assemble and the precisely CNC punched panels and doors align exactly for a solid, sharp-looking booth! Upgrades can be added such as curing capability and heated, filtered make-up air systems.

Crossdraft and Pressurized airflow designs need to be considered to meet the finishing requirements for sport and SUVs – it is critical that your booth meets all your finishing requirements while complying with various agency regulations. That’s what we do best.

Contact Spray Systems to discuss and evaluate the exact requirements of your large spray booth for sport/SUV vehicles.