Custom Paint Booths

Custom Paint Booths

Spray Systems can provide you with custom paint booths with solutions based upon your specific requirements. As a leading paint booth manufacturer, we have built a reputation for creating effective paint spray booth solutions for the most sophisticated finishing systems in the automotive, aerospace, general manufacturing, and large equipment industries.

Our engineers are experts in creating custom paint booths in an effective and efficient manner. After a consultation with our engineering team to determine the unique specifications of your custom paint booth, we will use the latest engineering technology to generate drawings and prototypes of the most responsible and effective spray booth solution for you. From there, we’ll manufacture your paint spray booth ideal for any size of product or finishing line requirements.

At Spray Systems, we understand that the spray booth needs of all industries are not the same. That’s why we’re happy to offer custom spray booths for our customers. In fact, the majority of the spraying systems we design and manufacture are custom built. If you’d like to explore custom paint booth design further, call us today to discuss how a custom paint booth designed by Spray Systems may be the perfect solution for you.

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