Spray Paint Booth Codes

Spray Booth Codes

Spray paint booths are designed to keep the environment, your employees and your facilities safe. These booths are manufactured and installed to contain all hazardous materials. That means that you, as a finisher of a final product, must comply with all federal, state and local regulations in order to ensure your booth’s operation meets all applicable codes. However, these regulations are vast in number and can be quite cumbersome to remain up-to-date and current as they apply to your booth. This is why we’ve dedicated a portion of our website to help you keep your operations compliant and safe. Learn more about these rules and regulations below.



NFPA 33 is a fire safety standard from the National Fire Protection Association. NFPA regulations are applied depending on the manufacturer's chosen spray system. This information can be confusing so we created the below flowchart to help determine whether the NFPA 33 regulations apply to your spray system.

For more details, read our summary of NFPA 33 regulations here.