Aerospace Crossdraft Paint Booth

Aerospace Crossdraft Paint Booth

Cross Draft Spray Booths Deliver Clean Air Flow for Quality Aircraft Finishing

Spray Systems, Inc. has been engineering custom paint spray booths for aircraft finishers for almost 40 years. Our aircraft finishing customers find those paint booths with a crossdraft airflow design are a simple and efficient yet sophisticated way to achieve the best possible paint spray environment for the best quality paint finish. By function, aerospace crossdraft spray booths offer uniform airflow and take full advantage of the plane's aerodynamic profile for superior airflow over the plane's surfaces.

The term “crossdraft” refers to how the air travels through the booth – horizontally along the “cross-section” of the booth. Air passes from the front of the booth (sometimes through supply filters) and then horizontally towards the booth’s rear exhaust chamber. This horizontal flow causes air to uniformly flow over the painted part which provides for a more precise finish.

This crossdraft airflow starts by the air entering through the front of the booth where our Spray Systems intake filters are located. As air passes through these filters, dirt, and containments that could seriously affect a plane's finish are captured. This particle-free air is the key deliverable for our crossdraft paint spray booth – creating a clean environment for the optimum paint job.

aerospace crossdraft spray paint booth

Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) sought Spray Systems to design and fabricate a custom spray booth for its high profile, space-flight component group. JPL imposed critical challenges to providing the most effective spray environment for its components while meeting stiff local, state and federal air quality regulations including compliance with NESHAP and SCAQMD. Sprays Systems chose to design a Crossdraft Spray Booth to solve JPL’s challenges. This spray booth has a straightforward crossflow design that satisfies a number of finish and safety requirements for a wide variety of parts and sizes.

At Spray Systems, we ensure the crossdraft spray booth's airflow uniformity by installing a type of diffusion filter media to make certain that clean and consistent air will flow through the booth. With a 99.0% efficiency rating or better, at .5 microns and above, these filters help to keep your spray environment particle-free while your finishing operation is in progress. As the air travels over the aircraft, overspray is suspended as it is carried away from the plane's surfaces to the exhaust filters. The exhaust filters are designed to capture and hold the paint overspray. They are also designed to prevent face-loading as they become filled with paint overspray.

The filtered air then continues through the exhaust plenum, which is a custom-designed paint filter plenum to balance airflow throughout the entire booth. Spray Systems, to ensure optimum airflow, designs the exhaust system with fans to each booth design to ensure proper airflow performance – our exhaust fans operate at noise levels below OSHA limits. The key to our crossdraft paint booths is to constantly distribute the air over the cross-section of the booth resulting in controlled and even airflow.

State and local agency code requirements are critical when considering the operating function and location of your aerospace spray booth. All Spray Systems paint spray booths designed for you must comply with all mechanical and electrical building codes and all fire codes (e.g., IFC, NFPA-33, IBC, and others). These agencies might also require air pollution permits (e.g., VOC emissions) which also must be addressed. Avoid costly interruptions and disruptions by not underestimating these compliance issues – Sprays Systems stands ready to advise you.

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