Aerospace Aircraft Paint Booths

Aircraft Paint Booths

Aerospace Manufacturers Need Spray Booths That Meet the Most Stringent Finishing Requirements

Designing and fabricating aerospace spray booths for aircraft manufacturers, as well as sub-assembly and part manufacturers has been our specialty since 1977. Aircraft paint booths must be customized to deliver to your unique production process – it is critical that your paint spray booth performs to your production requirements reliably while complying with all the various agency codes and regulations. Spray Systems is committed to engineering and fabricating a spray booth for you that outperforms any other, and exceeds your expectations.

Our specially designed aerospace paint booths can be designed for small general aviation aircraft, large sub-assemblies for wings, spar sections and stabilizer assemblies. Our paint spray booths can also be engineered to effectively accommodate large commercial aircraft for complete paint jobs. Custom solutions for controlling humidity and temperature are often required for precise aerospace finishing applications. You don't need to find an aircraft paint shop to get the best pain job for your airplane. You can get your own booth to do the job.

All aviation spray booths are specially designed to control the environment for all critical finishing processes within your booth. For specialty electronic components, such as electronic circuit boards, these require conformal coatings, and other sensitive electronic coatings like acrylic, silicone, and urethane. It is critical that any environment design must be flexible, efficient and effective for these operations to be fully satisfied.

Paint Booth Code Compliance

Spray Systems’ highly-customized booths for the aerospace and high-tech industry may be used for either conveyorized lines or low production batch systems. Your paint booth will be designed to meet all federal and state guidelines for trapping inorganic HAPs such as chromium and cadmium, and where the application requires, destroying volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Other products that are effectively finished in our spray booths include landing gear, business jet aircraft, large aircraft, military ordnance, and helicopters.

Environmentally Safe Aerospace Spray Booth Products.

Our paint spray booth designs have a critical goal of protecting the operator at all times when fulfilling the various applications required of them while adhering to governmental emissions requirements to protect the world outside the booth. All booths manufactured by Spray Systems will maintain uniform airflow throughout the work area to guarantee safety.

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