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  • Aerospace Electronics Manufacturing

    Spray Systems specializes in custom designs for unusual applications in the aerospace electronics finishing process.

  • Aircraft Sub-Components Manufacturing

    Spray Systems specializes in custom designs for unusual applications in the Aircraft Sub-Component Manufacturing process.

  • Large Aircraft Finishers

    Large aircraft finishers have unique challenges over conventional finishing operations merely because of the size and shape of the airframe that is associated with the aircraft.

  • Small Aircraft Finishers

    Like large aircraft finishers, small aircraft finishers have distinctive challenges over conventional finishing operations merely because of the size and shape of the airframe.

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Aerospace Spray Booths

Since 1977, Spray Systems, Inc. has been designing and fabricating aerospace spray booths and related products for aircraft manufacturers, aircraft sub-assembly and aircraft part manufacturers. Since each aerospace paint booth must be customized to fit your unique manufacturing process – it is critical that we meet your production requirements in a timely manner, while complying with various agency regulations. At Spray Systems, we pride ourselves on providing a quality product that not only meets expectations, but exceeds them.

Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) awarded Spray Systems for its high profile, space-flight component group. JPL imposed critical challenges for Spray Systems when they asked Spray Systems to provide the most effective spray environment for its components, while meeting stiff local, state and federal air quality regulations including compliance with NESHAP and SCAQMD. Production of the custom spray booth for JPL was complicated from the start. Due to size restrictions, the booth had to accommodate a tight space while providing the most effective spray environment possible for safety and finish quality.

Spray Systems found answers to the unique problems associated with the JPL task -- from design-engineering a special double door ingress and egress system, to creating a specialized filtering system that includes a control panel to integrate a humidity control system with the booth’s own environmental control objectives -- we are confident we can find solutions to any finishing problem.

At Spray Systems, every manufacturer we meet presents a unique set of aerospace paint booth issues that must be solved through a custom aerospace spray booth design. Just as JPL found, challenging issues not only revolve around booth location and use, but the requirement of specialized filter systems and temperature and humidity controls.

We offer three types of aerospace spray booth airflow designs so you can achieve the paint finishing your aircraft requires:

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Stage 1
Air is introduced into the booth’s air supply plenum and drawn through the supply filters located in the ceiling which act as a diffusion media. The multiple synthetic layers combine a pre-filter consisting of a high performance cover mat with a final filter of progressively structured media, thermally bonded and treated with a special adhesive tackifier.
Stage 2
After passing through the filters, the air is particle and dust free. This creates a virtually clean environment. This clean air passes through the booth resulting in controlled and even airflow.
Stage 3
The air continues down and around the product collecting overspray and gathers this overspray away from the product and down to the exhaust filters, which are located in the pit. This airflow design successfully manages the overspray while keeping the spray painting environment at optimal performance.
Stage 4
The exhaust filters add uniformity to the airflow as the fan draws air through the filters and into the exhaust pit. These filters are made from a continuous filament glass fiber with an open weave pattern. This design prevents face-loading as they become saturated with paint, and forces paint-laden air to change direction many times as it passes through the filter for max efficiency.
Stage 5
The Spray Systems exhaust fan is designed specifically to accommodate the static pressure of the filters and to have the best possible airflow. Spray Systems precisely matches the size of the motor and fan performance for each booth. These fans operate at dBa levels below OSHA limits.
See it In Action
The down-draft booth design will meet safety and code requirements – NFPA-33 and IFC – to protect those that work in any industrial spray environment, while also protecting our atmosphere. Your booth will be designed to efficiently remove the overspray from the painting operation while maintaining uniform air flow throughout the work area.