Our Story

Our Story

Spray Systems, Inc. A Tradition Of Excellence For Over 35 years.

When quality and reliability are your goals, Spray Systems should be your choice. Since 1977, our spray systems company has supplied the finest quality spray booths and sophisticated finishing systems to every segment of the American industry, our military, and numerous governmental agencies. From our 45,000 foot headquarters in Pomona, California, we design, engineer and manufacture a vast array of standard and custom-designed finishing products using state-of-the-art machinery operated by a staff of dedicated and highly skilled personnel. We take great pride in providing durable, dependable, and cost-effective products along with unequaled customer service. The key markets we serve include:

  • Large Equipment Manufacturing: Caterpillar, Gunderson Rail Car, Southern California Edison, Linkbelt, Conner Steel
  • Furniture/Wood Finishing: Ethan Allen, Huntwood Industries, Thomasville, Marge Carson
  • Automotive & RV: Peterbilt, Fleetwood, Freightliner, Monaco Coach, Earl Scheib
  • Aerospace/Electronic Finishing: Boeing, United Airlines, Lear Jet, Raytheon, Goodrich Aerospace, Lockheed, Robinson Helicopter, American Airlines
  • General Manufacturing: Top Flite, U-Haul Co., Gould Pump, Upright Lift Co., General Electric

Superior Quality is Only the Beginning

Spray Systems, Inc. utilizes only the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technology In responding to our customers’ needs. Our sophisticated quotation and engineering systems allow us to provide a fast response to the urgent proposal and delivery requests. From the latest Auto-CAD release to generate approval and assembly drawings to our CNC machining operation to fabricate components of precise tolerances, we strive in every way to deliver innovative, reliable, and high-quality paint booth solutions that set the standard for professionalism in the industry. Customers such as Goodrich Aerospace, Southern California Edison, Monaco Coach, Ethan Allen and thousands of others will attest to their satisfaction with Spray Systems as paint spray booth manufacturers.

Spray Systems Booths Cover the Entire Range of Applications

From the smallest 2’ standard touch-up booth to huge custom 150’ long booth structures for the largest products, we will supply the booth that exactly fits your needs. Whether designed for indoors or outdoors, our experienced engineering staff will design the right custom booth for you based on our integrated booth steel design along with our unique modular panel construction that allows us to provide a broad range of custom designs utilizing the same basic construction principles. This provides maximum flexibility in fabrication, simplifies field installation and, with fewer individual parts to assemble, significantly reduces assembly time, effort, and expense.

We Build Relationships Along With Great Products

Superior quality is important but at Spray Systems it must be part of a package that includes outstanding customer service. Our dedicated, highly experienced team of professionals, in partnership with our qualified local distributors, provides more than hardware; along with the product our customers receive friendly, responsive support from the time of order until the booth or system is operating to the customer’s satisfaction. As a premier spray systems company, we hold ourselves accountable to supply the best to our customers in every respect!

Request a quote or call us at 1-800-736-6944 for more information about the products offered by Spray Systems.